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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Guess what I saw today? I was driving my husband, whom I love tremendously and who will be out of town for almost a week (I am miserable about this-let's not speak of it), to the airport and just chattering away like a magpie when what to my wandering eyes did appear right there in the median? Something that made me giddy with excitement-the first Daffodils of the year! I LOVE flowers, but Spring flowers are my absolute favorite because it means there is an END IN SIGHT of yucky Winter!! Spring is without a doubt my favorite season and I was literally whooping in the car about my daffodil sighting (ok, I am a sad shell of a person who gets joy from silly little things and needs maybe a wee bit of a life-that's neither here nor there) and the fact that Winter is on it's way OUT! I suppose that means I'd better get those mittens finished pronto or they'll be sent to the abyss next to the couch that is The Basket of Not-Yet- (and May Never Be)-Finished Objects. They do not deserve such a fate as that is usually reserved for things that started off ok but just sort of went all blah for me. And I still have great affection for my Peekaboo mittens and their wonderful purpleynesss and so they must be finished ASAP-they probably would've been finished today or tomorrow had my hubby not gone out of town and left me alone with 3 little Things-but I said we would not speak of it, alright? Anywhoo, back to the daffodils-they just made me want to cast aside all my woolly projects and grab up my ball of Cherry Tree Hill silk beautimous yarn for which I have no project in mind. I got this beauty of a ball of yarn in a freak "accident"-or as I like to call it "God's smiling face shining down upon me, endorsing my knitting by giving me this yarn for pretty much free" when I got a whole bag of supposed "leftovers" and " practice yarn" from some lady at a yard sale whose 10 year old son had wanted to learn to crochet. She had gotten all these yarns for him to use for practice (hello? that is the reason for the existence of Red Heart, no? why ELSE would it exist-other than for senior citizens and plastic mesh?? but I digress...) then he lost interest (even when using such beauticious fiber-he was not ready for the fiber arts, my friends) and she sold me the WHOLE BAG for $12. Yeah, you read it -TWELVE DOLLARS. AND IT HAD CHERRY TREE HILL CASCADE SILK, 666 (not a bad omen, just a coincidence, btw) YARDS OF IT, IN IT!!!! List price somewhere around-sitting down?-$55/skein. Not to mention several balls of 100 % Peruvian wool, a skein of Lamb's Pride, 4 balls of angora, some sock yarn, and about 10 or 12 other assorted balls of beautiful wool yarn-"I'm not sure what all is in here, but it's all natural fibers", the nice lady told me. Twelve dollars. The "God's Face Smiling Down Upon Me" description doesn't sound so off base, now does it? (Mostly after I got it, I just kept taking it all out on the table and looking at it-a lot.) So anyway, I need to find something to make with this beautiful silk yarn-it is in the Green Mountain Madness colorway (lovely turquoise, steel blue, and periwinkle colors) and is fingering weight. I've looked at some lace shawl patterns but nothing jumped out as most of the patterns would get muddled by the varigation of the yarn, I'm afraid. So, I've got until around April to find a good use for this yarn seeing as I have about 5 other things to finish before then-I'm open to suggestions/ideas/patterns-brainstorm with me!! And stop and smell the flowers if you can find some!


Gina said...

Come on in the shop and hang out while your hubby is gone!

Bel said...

Good luck finding is pure drudgery. It took me, what, a month and a half to find a sweater pattern? Now I have two actually and can't decide. Typical! By the way, your girls are all darling.

Miranda said...

I saw some fully bloomed out crocuses in a little open space on my way back from class the other day and full out squealed. They were like a little gift... I wondered who planted them? after all, crocuses don't happen by accident.

I completely understand :)