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Friday, December 3, 2010


I know I have been scarce around these parts but I wanted to stop in to say hey and share some exciting stuff. Since I last posted, my littlest Thing turned 2!! Woohoo! She has a huge personality and 'tude, loves anything she can fiddle and mess with, and also has had a verbal EXPLOSION in the past 3 weeks and has been hilarious with the new whole phrases she is coming up with daily. She was pretty behind on her language development so when all the sudden she has started not just saying some words but whole sentences, and hilarious ones with great inflection at that, it has been absolutely amazing. One of our favorites is when she runs up and literally pounces on you like a cat and says, "I gotchoo!" SO. STINKIN'. CUTE. Here is a picture to show off her 2 year old cuteness:

She keeps us running ALL the time though because she is a tornado so my energy and time to write is very very scarce right now. No worries, I know I will have more time again for writing some day!

Another VERY AWESOME thing that has been consuming my time is working to get little Judah (remember him? read about him here and here if you don't...) from Ethiopia some medical help. He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and fused cranial sutures and cannot get the life-saving surgery he needs there in Ethiopia. Please check out his blog here and read what has been going on. The most recent post shares the most incredibly awesome news though-there is a hospital here where I live that is willing to consider treating him and doing his surgery (donated!!) and so Cherrie, a friend with a deep passion for Korah and with whom I hung out with in ET in October, is flying here to go with me to a meeting with the hospital execs on Monday!!! Yeah, Lord!!!! Way to show off! Cherrie's multiple flights to ET in the last year have made it possible for her to fly here free so she is hopping on a plane in the morning. I CAN NOT WAIT for this meeting-it is surreal!!! I have no other words than PRAISE THE LORD! (And also maybe I better lay off the ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!!) I will let y'all know how it goes! Please pray for all systems to be go b/c we still have a lot of hurdles to clear with his medical visa, TB and HIV tests, etc.