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Monday, January 17, 2011


It has been awhile, I know. I decided to just let some things go this holiday season, namely anything other than just hanging out with my family and cooking and enjoying my kiddos' Christmas break and time off from school. It was FABULOUS! Just to drop a lot of expectations I have put upon myself and just BE. It made the holiday break an amazing and resorative time for our whole family. However, getting back into school and the busyness that comes with that schedule has been less enjoyale. I was just not built for getting up before 9 am, particularly not in the winter, sigh....Anyone else wrestle with the cold, grey monotany of winter like I do?? Ugh, cannot wait till spring! BUT, this winter might just fly by a little faster because right now we are getting ready for a certain little guy named Juddah and my good friend Cherrie to arrive here Thursday evening and get things rolling on his surgery-God has been so amazing! We are really getting excited and my children have just really been so sweet about it-they went to the store this weekend and bought him little stuffed animals all on their own, it was their idea and they used their own money. I love their heart for others, not much more you could ask for as a mom!! The link to Juddah's blog is here and you can read about his arrival to the US. While you are praying for his arrival and such (and I KNOW you are ;) ), please pray for our family-two have fallen victim to a tummy bug and we have to have a healthy house for he and Cherrie to come stay in so pray it right out of here ASAP!! Thanks for the 2 of you still checking in here and hopefully next post will be a little sooner in coming! (AND have pictures, I know....lame)