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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The kitten is driving me crazy. It is a total spaz-extremely cute and fuzzy, but a spaz nonetheless. Same goes for all my children. Well, except I guess the fuzzy part. I am thinking that they are sucking all the available energy that exists in this house into their little bodies and that is why there is none available for myself and my husband. It is just a hypothesis mind you, but I think it is a good one.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We've Been Adopted

This little critter seems to have decided we are its family. I wonder if it knew a Jeep was included in the deal? This little kitty "found" us in a McDonald's parking lot under the tire of the car parked next to us. We pulled in, my mommy-radar went off and I said, "I hear a kitten!" My kids had no idea what I was talking about and my husband had the "oh no...." face on when I opened the door and there it was, meowing it's fuzzy little heart out at me. It was SO tiny and super-scrawny. I could fit it in our car cup holder! And it weighed like 3 ounces, it was so bitty-we are guessing it to be about 4 weeks oldish. I gave my husband the speech about how it would DIE if we left it, and what if it had been a BABY (human) and we left it, and it NEEDED a family. He rolled his eyes and said no way and of course he would never leave a baby (human) there but this is completely different and NO WAY....and so here it is in the Barbie Jeep and skittering it's fuzz-ball self right into our hearts. We have given the responsibility of the kitten to Thing 1, our eldest, since she was the one who begged and pleaded and conjured up some good tears to keep it. She is responsible for feeding the kitty, changing it's litter box, and keeping our ridiculously huge and semi-stupid golden retriever from eating it. (Seriously, we love the dog, but he's not the sharpest pencil in the drawer is all I'm sayin'....and he weighs 100 pounds, just huge) We will see how she does-she's not so much with the follow through sometimes so it will be a good test for her. So far she's been pretty good about taking care of it, with a few reminders, and didn't even fuss about the litter box. Better than I would do!

Anyhoo, sorry it took me forever to get a post written-things here at Chez Thing have been super busy the last 2 weeks-I subbed for Kindergarten for a couple days (phew! there is a special, WONDERFUL and QUIET section of Heaven for Kindergarten teachers!!), I went to the Extraordinary Women Conference, and my hubby was out of town for several days, all of which added up to somewhat chaos and no time or energy for blogging. The conference was fun-got to go with a group of women that I know and enjoy but don't spend a lot of time with usually so that was really nice. It was also fun to be away from mommy duty for a day and a half (even though honestly, I missed my family a lot-I am cheesy) and there was great music and some really good speakers. Also, there was a wonderful group represented there called World Help which works with HIV/AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as other countries, to find them food, clothing, shelter, sponsors and just the general things that we so often take for granted. (go check them out-I'll wait...) They had a wonderful Children of the World choir who performed representing the Children of Hope part of their organization and it was awesome-made me literally bawl to hear those beautiful children from all corners of the Earth praising the Lord-so beautiful! And it made me EXCITED to go to Ethiopia and get our baby. There has been several exciting referrals this week and things seem to be moving. We have "unofficially" moved up a few spots so we are in the teens and it is seeming more real with each spot we move up. Hopefully we will have no more excitement other than oochying up the waiting list and keeping up with our newest furbaby for awhile-I'm tired. So incredibly tired-I wonder if I will ever sleep again in the next 18 or so years???? Hmm, adopting another baby makes me think sleep is not in our near future....oh well, sleep is for sissys.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We got our new numbers today and I wasn't expecting much change so I was very surprised when we had moved up quite a bit on the waiting list!! So, we are now number on the girls list and number on the boys list! Woot woot! Oh my goodness, time is flying by! In 3 weeks the courts open back up and things are supposed to pick up a bit in the referral world, too, so it seems pretty encouraging! We will just keep our trust in the Lord and our eyes toward Ethiopia!