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Thursday, September 4, 2008


We got our new numbers today and I wasn't expecting much change so I was very surprised when we had moved up quite a bit on the waiting list!! So, we are now number on the girls list and number on the boys list! Woot woot! Oh my goodness, time is flying by! In 3 weeks the courts open back up and things are supposed to pick up a bit in the referral world, too, so it seems pretty encouraging! We will just keep our trust in the Lord and our eyes toward Ethiopia!


tuesdaymom said...

What fun! Nice to put a name with the the numbers around us!


Jana said...

You're gettin' there!!! It's so nice to see the movement!

Brian and Autumn said...

I am super excited about all the movement for everyone! Congratulations - you are in the TEENS!!

Renee said...

We are moving on up I thought we were going one spot so was over joyed to hear the 19..I'm eating so much chocolate now i have no idea what i'll do when we hit single digits ahhhhhhhhhhh..I still have soooo much i wanna do before bringing home baby and i know i have to take two weeks out of my off season from work that i'll be away from home so nothing will get done..must make a list.

Eric and Michelle said...

very cool way to show your new numbers. This is so exciting and I love the updates.

Kristi J said...

yeah, we're #23...what is the # on the sheep...#20?? Sorry, i'm a little tired and slow these days, kristi