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Thursday, August 28, 2008

And They're Off!

Well, Thing 1 and Thing 2 successfully made it to school (it started Monday) and here's a few pics from the 1st day:That's the big 3rd grader! We take a picture in front of the sign every year-it is a way of seeing how much they have grown each year. And, as previously mentioned, I'm a sucker for traditions!
Here's our sweet little 1st grader-she loves school!

And here is my favorite assignment Thing 3 brought home this week:
It was an info sheet about things they like/dislike, etc called "The Back to School Times" and in this section it asked for 5 things they are most proud of. Thing 1 listed: God, my parents (whee! at least until the teenage years-I'll take it while I can!!), my sisters (awwwww-funny, it doesn't always show so much....), my "etiopian" (oh. my. goodness.- yes, I cried), and my classes & teachers. It totally made my week!

(We will not talk about the section where she listed her favorite foods as "gum, cotton candy and KFC gravy"-I was so proud. KFC gravy? what?! I think she's had that 2 times in her almost 9 years. And I did inform her that neither gum nor cotton candy are technically food. Now I feel like I really need to go out of my way to pack wholesome, all healthy, 200% organic, 75 million grain lunches so as not to be deemed a pathetic parent. Sayonara, fruit roll ups...)


Dawn said...

Aww - very cute - what a sweetheart!

Onesie is $3 at Walmart - go get one!!

Jana said...

So fun!! I love, love, love school! And excuse me, since when is cotton candy not food?????? :)

Eric and Michelle said...

I love that assignment and her answers :)

Dirtdart's Wife said...

Jody thanks for stopping by my blog. You are so dedicated to yours, I really need to get my act together with mine.
I couldn't help but giggle about the convent comment. You have a while before you're in my shoes.... but really it won't be THAT long. Have you found a convent yet? Perhaps I should find one QUICK. LOL DH's job in the Army is ammunition and he swears he's bringing home some claimore minds, land minds and booby traps! I think he has a fabulous idea. :) Hope you are enjoying your days while the "things" are at school. Oh and I LOOOOOVE "Thing 3's" answers on her school assignment!

P.S. I probably do need a copy of that "application to date my daughter"


Kristi J said...

so the school work...have you gotten a call yet this week about our ##'s, Kristi J

Kristi J said...

I'm going to try and make my way to Wally World and get one...I love that call yet, kj

Donna said...

That's so funny that you call the kids "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"...I almost used this Suessian reference for my wild things, but changed my mind at the last minute. Mine are "KID 1" and "KID 2," since my blog is "Growing Great Kids".

Thanks for your input about the art table...I got a good laugh out of that! (I'm sharpening my knives today!)

Dawn said...

Great idea with the onesies!! I'm thinking that we should be in single digits in November. Whatcha think?! Oh - this is just too much fun. I can't wait!!