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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Boy. School Needs to Start.

"Mommy" giggled Thing 2, "come downstairs and see Thing 1-she looks so funny!"

"What is she wearing?" I asked, naively assuming they were talking about some new and exciting dress-up adventure as usual.

"I am not telling you-I want it to be a surprise!" Thing 2 said, through mischievous laughter, and pranced off downstairs.

I finished putting my laundry away and headed down to see my funny little princess, or maybe a cowgirl, or even a little wee tiny bride.

This is what met me downstairs:
(note the proud big sister looking on)

It has been a long summer.


tim & dawn said...

hahaha - too funny!!


Kristi J said...

That looks like my day 3 and 4 year old wrote on each other with my dry erase still hasn't come off...too cute, kristi

Michael and Michelle said...

That is so funny!!!! I love it!!


Ted and Lori said...

I love that she painted on a mustache! One of my good friends had a "mustache party" a while back where they all drew on fancy 'staches and took photos. So even big kids do it too :)
(thanks for the sweet comment--that "March Forth" quote is so much a part of our story--thanks so much!)