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Friday, February 9, 2007

Check this thing on?

Hi there! I'm composing my very first blog entry (and, Gina, I figured out how to do it all by myself!) I'm a knitting and yarn addict who has mentally been knitting and loving handknits for most of my life but only actually learned how to do it myself 3 1/2 years ago-and it was like a fish to water! I was meant to knit, baby! I love love LOVE it! I love the colors of the yarn, the textures, the way a single piece of string turns into a beautiful creation, the ability to create beauty with my own hands, the way it frustrates me to the point I want to light it on fire and then I finish whatever I'm working on and all is forgiven, the joy I feel when giving someone something I made just for them, the way it brings fiber-loving people from all corners of life together with a common passion, the community of knitters that has no geographical limits, the way it has taught my children to appreciate colors and patterns, the resourcefulness of folks who have turned dirty animal fur into something breathtaking, the way it relieves stress, the way it doesn't talk back when I mutter my frustrations about life out while I'm clicking away--I could go on and on...and on. So, my question for you visitors is-why do you love knitting?

I look forward to getting to know you!


Bel said...

YEA for YOU, Fellow Blogger! I'm so happy that you have a blog now!! Can I list you on my "Favorite Links" page?? Oh, you made my night! (And, yes, my computer is breathing...wheezing perhaps...but behaving itself).

Well, what was the question again? Why do I love knitting?? Hmmm...Mimi was my teacher, and when I was a little girl I used to "twirl my hair" because it felt so nice. My mom said I would twirl for hours and when I was really little it would ease me to sleep. I guess it is the same with knitting. I'm still a horrible sleeper, but it is soothing and relaxing...and it does lull me off to la-la land sometimes.

Eeeeee!! I'm still so glad you have a blog!!

jody said...

back at ya, Bel-you're my first commentor! yay! why is this so fun?? I listed you so feel free to list me-and what a fun story! Did you learn at Mosaic?

Knitress said...

Hi Jody!

I'm Nancy and we met Wednesday night. Have fun with the blogging!

Gina said...

Congrats Jody! Now we can all keep tabs on you!
I knit because I can. And it's another way to spend buckets of cash. It would be yarn or shoes. I chose Yarn. Can you imagine life without knitting? Why doesn't everyone knit?

Mimi said...

YEAH!!!! You are SO not alone in this obsession with yarn, and knitting. It is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. I now find myself looking for natural fibers everywhere I go. Even if it is cheep, I find it hard to buy an acrylic sweater anymore. I left my house the other day wearing wool pants, wool sweater, cotton undershirt, hand knit wool socks and leather shoes, and I know its weird... but i felt so good.

Bel said...

Okay, you are officially one of my favorite new links! YEA!! And I'll be working most of the week...I hope you can come by one day so I can meet you finally!