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Friday, February 16, 2007

Pug Fever

Here's what my kids did the other day :

Yup, they taped ears and a curly tail to their oblivious baby sister to make her into their pet pug. Nice. (Incidentally, cheapo tape sticks surprisingly well to baby hair - you know, in case you ever need to stick something to a baby.) To give them an outlet for our, um, their pug obsession, we went to visit Purl this afternoon at Mosaic so I could also look for a shawl pin because I finished the Diamond Shawl listed in the side bar-woohoo! It felt so nice to finish something and wear it-the last 50 million things I've knit have been gifts (and/or are unfinished) and while gifts are lots of fun, making something to keep out of yarn I really like (as opposed to what would be good for someone else) is just really nice sometimes. I will post pictures tomorrow-too tired to fiddle with the camera tonite. I also bought some yarn (in Clematis) to make these. I'm excited because I LOVE to knit mittens-kind of like other people love to knit socks-and they are a little different than most convertible ones out there-plus it's so freakin' cold I need more mittens to wear with my mittens!!!!

SO, I'm jumping on the "Things About Me" Bandwagon so here goes:

1. I don't really love chocolate that much and if given a choice will always choose vanilla (sacrilege, I know)

2. I do not like wet bits of water on things (and if there is also any sort of fuzz involved in the wetness, shudder)

3. My hair is naturally curly and I spent most of my growing up years trying to straighten it

4. I don't drink alcohol because I honestly really do not like it (bonus: I remember college)
4a. I have never been drunk

5. I dated a guy for 6 1/2 years but we never got engaged-my husband and I only dated 3 months before getting engaged (when you know, you know-do not waste your time with losers)

6. I really like clear things and used to only buy clear products (soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc)

7. I really don't like the words "moist", "panty", or "pus" (and do NOT put them all in one sentence to try and gross me out-it's been done before)

8. I love soda with an embarrassing passion-it used to be just Coke, but it has grown into anything fizzy, diet or regular (nowadays mostly diet, though)

9. I really love french fries and cheeseburgers and would choose them over chocolate any day of the week (I know, I know....)

10. I have a tattoo of a ladybug on my back.

11. I hate winter and cold and my favorite season is Spring

12. I have a Golden Retriever and a Russian Blue cat and used to have 2 pugs-but I WILL have another some day!!!!

13. I am terrified of heights.

14. I used to Rock Climb and was oddly not afraid of heights while climbing and rappelling

15. I usually stay up till at least midnight every night and have a really hard time going to bed

So, there you have some peepholes into the life of Jody the Knitter! Exciting, aren't I??


Gina said...

I hate the taste of alcohol too. You've never been drunk? Wow! Ever smoked a cigarette? Don't! They are absolutely foul.

Bel said...

Vanilla over chocolate?? Okay, suspect are definitely wacked! Sounds like a little OCD slipping in there (and by that I mean slipping WITH NO SUGGESTION of "moist!"

And when I read the word "pus" I automatically thought of the word "puss." I'm known to say things like, "Don't put that puss on (your face)," or "You look all down in the puss." Does anyone remember that expression? Or is it me? Does this word freak you out??

jody said...

EW BEL!!! totally gross! agh! why would you type that???? ick-o and no, gina, i've never smoked a cigarette but i have smoked quite a few cigars and they are NASTY, especially the next morning when you wake up and it tastes like you ate a bag of trash

Gina said...

Ever drank bong water? Haha! Oh, and I found a beautiful scarf pin on a Noro sweater in the shop...I put it by the counter should you decide to investigate! Oh, and my Mom wants the pattern for the shawl you made! Where did it come from?

jody said...

well, if bong water was fizzy....haha! j/k-I don't love the fizzy THAT much! anyhoo, the shawl is the Diamond Shawl in the "on the needles" section of the blog-there's a link to the pattern on there. I did actually use that NASTY Homespun yarn by Lion Brand b/c I liked the color and texture but if I could've found a suitable, non-acrylic (gasp! I did use spun plastic-for shame!) substitute, I would've b/c while I DO like the way it feels soft and it looks nice, it is very snaggy-the cashmerino ashtrakan would be nice, it was just not in my budget for something I will only wear occasionally-it is a fun knit, too-goes pretty fast

Faith! said...

The most exciting fact on this post isn't one of the listed ones, it's that you RECOMMENDED TAPE FOR STICKING THINGS TO A BABY! I laughed for at least 30 seconds.