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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

M-y-y-y-y...Funny Valentine...

Does that song make anyone besides me think of Janice from "Friends"?? Well, today my funny valentine was Thing 1, my beautiful oldest who presented me with a written list (it's bit messy-she's currently having handwriting "issues"in school, called "laziness") of her 3 wishes today. Her first wish is to fly-not a bad wish I think-would be fun, could go lots of places, no airline/terrorist worries, a relaxing way to spend time-an all around pretty good wish. Her next wish was to be a FPMB. "A what?", I asked. "An FPMB-fairyprincessmermaidbarbie.", she informed me-ahhhhh, it's all clear now. We excell in all things fairyprincessmermaidbarbie around our house with 3 girls. Her third wish was the one that brought tears to my eyes- "to be able to sing like Mommy." Now, I love to sing and I love music and I can sing ok, but to have my daughter include my voice in her list of unattainable things was really unbelievable. Of course I got teary and thanked God for such a treasure. That was early on in the day.

(Incidentally, whoever invented Valentine's day did NOT have children in
mind-my girls were so jacked up on sugar all day it is lucky they made it to the end of the day alive.) Nonetheless, I still had warm fuzzies about her lovely list by the time bedtime rolled around and it was time for good nite hugs and kisses. She gave me a huge hug and said "Mom, I love you SO much" and I hugged her back and asked her if she'd like to do a "date" soon-we go out on dates every so often when we are lacking in one on one time-and she asked about Sunday. I told her that would be great and I had an idea-she's been wanting to learn to knit (FINALLY!) because I gave her her own set of needles for Christmas (and Thing 2 learned, thus upping the stakes for her to learn-she will not be outdone by her LITTLE sister) so I suggested teaching her in the next few days and maybe taking her to Mosaic Sunday afternoon. She got a huge smile on her face and said "Yeah! I think it would be so fun to knit with Mimi and Gina and little baby Purl-I could purl with Purl!" Those of you with small kids be warned-THEY WATCH AND REPEAT EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND DO!! and obviously, Thing 1 misses nothing. I just cracked up and gave her a huge hug. What a fun outing it would be: mommy/daughter time, knitting, surrounded by beautiful yarn? Does it get better? She squeezed me nice and tight and said she wished she could sleep snuggled with me tonite to which I replied, "I know, that would be nice" and SHE SAID, "yeah, 'cuz it's just that you're so cuddly with your stomach all squishy."

She's grounded till college.


Bel said...

Ahhh, the good things! You'll have to let me know what day you drop by so I can try to stop in as well. I'd love to see you and the girls!

Gina said...

Thanks for coming by today! If you guys ever want to babysit Purl for a night, let me know! In fact, the puppy AND Ben! A big sleepover! Just let me know! I'll pack their overnight bags right this minute!

jody said...

We'd LOVE to have Purl-and/or Ben-as long as he likes Barbie and all things pink-haha! But we would love to Purl sit any time-and really, if you do get in a pinch w/ daycare stuff at times, I'm here if you need me-just let me know!! Oh, and the girls wanted to come back in so much after we left and Emma said it was NOT b/c of Purl but b/c she wanted to look at the yarn-tears to my eyes I tell you!!