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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Peekaboo, I See You!

While this was going on last nite:

I did this:

It is my Peekaboo Mittens from the winter issue of Magknits. The mittens have basically a giant buttonhole on the palm for your fingers to peekaboo! right out of as necessary. I really love this pattern-it's fun, fast and completely brilliant! Convertible mittens without all the bulk, hassle and ugliness of a separate flap. I would never have thought of it but it makes perfect sense. And the purple I chose makes me very happy-it is a very rich purple, like royalty-you know, because I'm on track to become royalty. Oooh! Plus I bet I could do that queen wave pretty well with these things-just pop! out goes my queeny little fingers to my adoring fans and pop! in it goes to be snuggled in woolly loveliness out of the cold as I ride along in my royal carriage pulled by beautiful Arabian horses...OK, so it's more likely to be pop! out go my dry, cracking , desperately in need of heavy duty lotion fingers to get out a baby wipe, diaper, barf bag (Thing 2 gets carsick VERY easily), tissue, answer the cell phone on my 57th trip to go pick something/someone up for something/someone else, zip a jacket, put in the Things' favorite CDs while on the 57th errand trip and then finally realize when thinking "My hands are SO cold! I hate driving all over the place in the Winter!" that I can just pop! them back in again, usually when I pull in the driveway at the end of the marathon errand run and don't need mittens on anymore anyway. That is beside the point-I still love these mittens and may make another pair after these with some fancy sort of fiber in the super-soft baby alpaca or cashmere family or maybe some of the new Sublime that is overflowing in Blacksburg. Oh, the possibilities!!

Well, I'm off to finish mitten number 1 and loaf out on the couch looking at this for awhile:


Gina said...

That Baby is soooooocute! I want another one! A sweet quiet one this time!

Lynne said...

Precious...perfectly perfect sweet thing. And I'm not talking about your husband, either!