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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ya' Old Bag

I am on an ongoing quest to find the perfect knitting bag. I have about a thousand bags that I keep rotating through when I get annoyed with whatever bag I am currently using. I have obtained these bags from many sources-my closet, my mom's closet, my sister-in-law's closet, the thrift store (i.e. someone else's closet) and they all have their problems. There is The One That is Too Big, also known as the light sucking vortex that hides all my necessary items from me just when I need them, usually when I'm knitting during church and a loud "where the crap is my needle?!" is probably frowned upon. Next we have The One in Which My Pointy Needles Like to Poke Holes-it is a pretty black leather bag with nice straight sides which would seem to be perfect for keeping everything tidy and organized, but alas it has these little tinsy invisible holes where the bottom corners meet up that must be magnetic for they draw my metal needles right through them, usually resulting in a needle-in-the-thigh episode followed by my pondering the date of my last tetanus shot...and maybe a tiny cuss word or two. Then there is The One That is Pretty-you know, it just is fun to look at? But useful in ANY way for knitting projects? Not so's the bimbo of the bags. I've got many others-The Bookish Backpack, The Basket, The Former Diaper Bag, even the nice Triangle Shaped Mosaic Bag sometimes-but so far, the Perfect Bag has not yet been discovered. I got to thinking about this and I would really like to find a The Great Bag to carry my knitting around. I have only a few requirements-pretty, sturdy, lots of pockets, no cheesy logos of crazy women w/ yarn, and not too expensive (even though I LOVE this in deep red and I really really really want it-did you read the above closet reference? I'm a bit on the, uh, "fiscally conservative" side, k?) Oh, and if it could hold about 5 diapers, changing pad, a container of wipes, extra outfit for the baby, blanket for boob-bearing emergencies when nursing, hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, cell phone, umbrella, lipstick, ibuprofen, hairclips, and a pack of gum, that'd be great, too--any suggestions?


Bel said...

This is a dilemma! I don't know that I have the perfect solution...except that maybe you should KNIT yourself the perfect bag. I actually have a bag that was built and sewn for me by my friend, India, who now, unfortunately lives in Colorado. She made me a large tote with inside pockets of all different sizes for needles, phones, scissors, etc. And it is big enough for entire books, like my calendar and writing. Unfortunately, my smaller projects get swallowed up. Good luck finding it!

Gina said...

Nice touch on the Mosaic bag with the pug pillow in the background! Heres the deal, I have absolutely zero advice for you. My bags suck. All 100 of them. There is no perfect bag out there...if we find it, we die.

jody said...

sigh...i guess i just have to keep on aquiring new bags just to test them, right? ;)

Loren said...

I love my Sally's Sling from lantern moon. It has one big pocket that I devote entirely to knitting projects, but no other pockets so maybe not what you're looking for. Although, Vera Bradley is always a good stand by. They can be a tad pricey, but they'll last forever and some of them have LOADS of pockets. When a pattern is being retired they sell them cheap too!

Gina said...

Vera is so 2002! Yeah, Lantern moon! Go online and look at their styles, I'll order you any style you like!

Knitress said...

I am a bag slut.

I LOVE my Lexie Barnes Lady B, love it so much that it now rarely holds knitting; it's working as a briefcase these days. Despite the skull print. Not cheap, wears like iron, and she also makes diaper bags.

I've got lots of Vera Bradleys, and while they may be 2002 I've been using them since the late 80's. Good pockets and lots of choices of styles. Not cheap; check ebay, though.

Keep an eye out at TJ Maxx; they sometimes have stuff in the purse section that works well as a knitting bag. I've bought some LeSportsac stuff there, for example.