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Thursday, March 1, 2007


It is very rainy here and just grey and gloomy. And lonely-only about 40 hours till hubby returns...but who's counting?? Me, that's who!! It has been a nutty last few days here at Chez Things-lots of laughing, fighting, wrestling, complaining, and pooping on the floor-OK, that was the dog who has NEVER done that before (except once during an illness but that doesn't count). He's very attached to my husband and I believe he's not too happy about him being gone, either. It was not what I wanted to wake up to today, especially after yesterday. Look what I found DEAD in my pond yesterday:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! Now, I do not have problems with nice little frogs when they are alive, but when I am reaching into wet nappy leaves to clean them out and I accidentally grab a humongous DEAD one, totally gross. I washed my hands about 5 times with scalding water-of course I did pull the frog out with a stick to show my daughter's little friends who are boys. They found it fascinating, but still disgusting. So anyway, we are managing OK without Daddy around but we're not loving it. Too many gross things for Mom to take care of makes one grouchy Mommy! Needless to say, not much knitting to report-just small bits here and there, nothing as interesting as a dead frog. (which doesn't say much for my knitting,eh??)Maybe I'll knit him a little sweater....or see if he'll get up and sing "Hello my Baby!" like on the old cartoons. So, in a shameless quest for fun comments, tell me YOU think I should do with the dead frog. I'm looking for creativity here, not "throw it in the woods". I look forward to your ideas!

P.S.-If you get a chance, go to this website and check out the cool bag she sewed, posted on February 25th-I just may resurrect my sewing machine for one last hurrah!


Gina said...

Throw it in the woods!EEEWWWW!

hey pat said...

i'm thinking you should somehow incorporate this frog into the decor of the guest bedroom (or just hide it in the sheets...) and see how long it takes aunt airplane to notice/see what she has to say about it next time she comes.

Miranda said...

I was glad to meet you yesterday too! Sorry I blanked out on everyone's name...

I love kids, I didn't mind them running around at all :)

Bel said...

I double the whole EWWWWWWWWWWWW thing! Poor wittle froggie! Good thing the girls didn't find it though. That would be fun explaining, wouldn't it??