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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whoop There It Is!

I was just sitting there last night when what to my wandering eyes did appear? A FO!!

That's right, I actually have something finished that I can show you! One of my Jitterbug socks, currently listed in the "Stalled Out" section of the sidebar. I found myself at Bible Study one Thursday night with no project to mindlessly knit while listening and I remembered these socks were in the car and thought, "Hey! I could work on those!" and 2 weeks later, Voila! One finished sock. Now before we go whispering behind our hands and snickering about the fact that it took me 2 weeks to finish one sock, I will remind you that I only knit this at Bible Study, I am also working on a blanket which takes too much concentration for me to use it as a mindless knit ( i.e. I have to count-always tricky in a group setting for me), I went on vacation for one week and did hardly any knitting, and I have actually been working on this sock, bit by bit, for months rather than weeks- so there! I am actually slower than it appears. *sigh* Someday I am sure I will knit things in a timely manner, just not sure when that will be. I am actually planning on casting on for the second sock right away though because I still have 7 weeks of this particular Bible study left and I am going to do my best to have it done by then, in one hour a week increments. Maybe if I also use this for my church knitting (yes, I knit at church, judge me not-I pay better attention to the sermon because I'm not all looking around at stuff-God knits too, you can look it up if you want-- Psalm 139:13), I may finish it pretty soon and actually get to work on some of the stuff I have folded down in the Summer Interweave. There's a concept! I'm going to go cast on right now.

I'll leave you with a photo of what I did with my little ones yesterday-they were good little workers!! Mmmmmm, tastes like summer!


Mimi said...

Great sock! I too have a Jitterbug sock- arnt they soft and wonderful! Just dont put them in the dryer..... trust me.
I just ate some blueberries- on sale at food lion right now... 2 for 5$

Anonymous said...

We have 8 bluberry bushes in our back yard. I still have some in the freezer from last year, which is good, because the freeze this spring killed all the blossoms! I really am going to have to try and knit my first sock. Nope, never done one before!

jody said...

Debbie! I'm so jealous! I want to have my own blueberry bushes-I'm going to try to plant some next Spring-just didn't get there this year. Go for it w/ the socks-although they are not really my favorite thing to knit-I just think they are ok, not bad, not great. But it is definitely fun to finish one and say "I knit a SOCK!"
Mimi-it IS really soft-I was surprised!!

Gina said...

I'm ordering 12 news colors of Jitterbug on Monday. Someone is actually making the Clap out of it too and it's a stunner!

LauraRN said...

Love the sock! Let's hear it for Bible study!