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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Such a Dazzling Coat of Many Colors

I love, love, LOVE looking at beautiful, colorful, textural things which is one of the main reasons I love knitting and all the various amazing fibers. The colors and the textures and the way they interplay is fascinating to me and sometimes I find myself just looking, unable really to do anything else and I feel the desire to DO SOMETHING to be able to possess the beauty of whatever it is I am looking at. It is overwhelming at times and I get very frustrated when I just have to go on without doing anything with what I've seen. I know this sounds crazy to many of you who do not think this way, so just bear with me. That is, I think, one of the main reasons I knit. Not to relieve stress or keep my hands busy (goodness knows I have plenty that will do THAT for me!!), but to give me an outlet for creating and looking at and feeling beautiful colors and textures and patterns and objects. Claudia, of Claudia Handpainted Yarns, states on her home page "This is why I knit and dye yarns. It is an almost compulsive need to make physical my feelings so that I may share them." AMEN. That sums it up for me, too. (well, except I do not dye yarns excluding one disastrous experiment with Kool Aid which we shall pretend never happened) One of my other favorite things, besides knitting, is gardening. Not necessarily the hard work of gardening, but the rewards of gardening. Just like I am a product knitter (definitely not process-I get so impatient to have the finished product!!!), I am a product gardener. I do like to dig and plant and generally mess around in the dirt to a certain extent, but it is the payoff that makes me happy. The pictures are of what's coming up in the garden here at Chez Things-I picked these pictures because of their interesting color juxtapositions and hues and vibrancy and I think my next quest will be to find yarns in these colors because I want to always look at them and, unfortunately, my plants will die eventually but my knitting will not.

Ok, and I just like to look at pretty stuff and buy yarn-we all have our weaknesses....

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LauraRN said...

I just love your flowers and plants-- and your koi pond is super!!

I have you linked from my blog now-- welcome!!!