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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All Aboard(ed)!

Here it is! We're so close!!
All we need is the railing and the steps and we can eat outside again! We eat outside almost every nite in the summer and I've been really missing it-well, not the splinters, death defying railing and nausea-inducing swaying of the old deck, just the being outside part. The new deck is sway-free and splinter-free and also half the size of the old one which is actually way better-the old one was TOO big and just an eyesore. The Hubby has done a FANTASTIC job-give him a shout out in the comments!!

In other news, Thing 2 has been very sick-her fever topped out at 105 (yes, that's right) on Monday-of course a holiday when the doctor's office was closed as per the usual way we like to roll here at Chez Things. We thought it was a reaction to her immunizations and all we could do was keep her fever down with meds but by yesterday she was all scratchy throated and it turns out it is strep. She's a tough cookie, though-she did not complain and when she was drugged up and her fever was down, she was out playing with Thing 1 just like nothing was wrong! Our doctor, who is a great man, let me bring her after the office had "officially" closed yesterday (did I mention he is a great man??) and after just one dose of her antibiotics and ibuprofen, she was up and at it again. And I even got in some knitting time at the doctor's office! All's well that ends well, right?

Finally, Thing 1 is out of school for the summer and we are looking for fun adventures to do this summer-any suggestions?


Ranger Susie said...

Ugh. I had strep a couple of months ago. (Got a lot of knitting done that week, though.) Hope Thing 2 feels better soon.

You lucky! We've still got three weeks of school left. Here's my idea: go hiking at a national park! (you just knew I had to go there!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful deck, Hubby. Great Job! VBS, pool, library, pool, mosaic yarn shop, pool, playground, pool, mosaic yarn shop, pool - you get the idea. We spent our summers at the pool from about 12-4 everyday. All us mom's would sit around and talk and eat and read and the kids played together. It was great. Those were the days. Now this body wouldn't show itself in a bathing suit. Like you said, everyone would probably run screaming from the place.

jody said...

we go camping in sevral different nat'l parks every summer-we love it!!!

Debbie-the pool is where we're headed tomorrow!! but we don't belong there yet (on a LONG waiting list!) so we go about once a week w/ my friend-although w/ the baby about once a week is all i can muster!! and oh the bathing suit NOT go there!