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Monday, July 2, 2007

It's a Mystery to Me

I needed a little break from miter world-I am having trouble getting the last few squares done for my baby blanket for some reason. Mostly I am sick of looking at cotton primary boy colors-I want to look at pretty stuff! So, I finished the Jitterbug sock and did in fact cast on for the second sock (right in church as a matter of fact! Nothing but holy socks for my feet!) but then I decided to do a project I had told myself I was not going to do. I wanted to do it. I REALLY wanted to, I just have so many other things in the line-up to knit first. Nonetheless, I caved-I am knitting the Mystery Stole 3 from Pink Lemon Twist. This is such a great idea! It is a series of "clues"-she gives you one a week-that are actually parts of a lace stole pattern. You knit each part as you get it but you have no idea what you are knitting until you finish it (aside from the fact that it is a lace stole-duh!) This particular one is knit with beads in the lace, too, which I had not yet done and now LOVE! I got the first clue on Saturday night and found some Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight in Sage that I decided to use but I still needed to get the beads because they are used on the 1st stitch. On Sunday, I went out to get my beads and after just a tiny bit of looking (and by "tiny bit" I mean looked in every blasted store in the NRV that is open on Sunday that carries beads, even going so far as to look in the jewelry section to see if there was anything I could dismantle and use the beads, and trying for the life of me to read tiny labels covered up by UPC codes right where the size of the beads was listed and maybe a little skoshe of cussing and muttering to myself and having a grand conversation with yet another "unusual" person (is it me?!) in the bead aisle ) found some pale green, irregularly cut glass beads that would do nicely because apparently seed beads in the size I needed do not come in any sort of colors that are attractive to anyone other than clowns. I like the beads by themselves but I'm not yet sure on the yarn. I do wish they were a bit sparklier-they sort of disappear in the yarn but I'm hoping when the whole thing is done with all the beads they will be just the right balance of sparkle and beauty-rather than sparkle and cheese which is never a good combo but far too easily obtained I'm afraid. Anyhoo, I am halfway done with the first clue and it is so fun and I love the beads and the lace and I have no pictures because I am tired. I will hopefully put up a picture tomorrow of the finished Clue 1. I am finally knitting something I WANT to knit and I am having such a good time! I heart knitting again! (like I ever really stopped....please!)


LauraRN said...

Oh, it sounds like such fun! I started a mystery shawl-along a couple of years ago, but decided I hated the yarn (which was cashmere, but smelled of machine oil) and I didn't get far.

Can't wait to see it!!

Gina said...

Mystery whole knitting life is full of projects that I don't know how they will turn out!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Can't wait to see it. You know we are starting a lace/beaded shawl for our Wednesday morning group in the fall. You should be an expert by then and could join us.