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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wanna Be Part Of A Miracle?

Hello? Anyone still stop by this here sheep pen? It has been all but abandoned by the Mama Sheep-but, speaking of the Mama Sheep (we WERE speaking of it weren't we??), I finished my first show and it was awesome!! A LOT of work, wow, but that is b/c it came up last minute and I had 6 days to put together enough pieces for the show. Can you say sleep deprivation?? But, I made over 100 pieces and sold about a third of them, which is really not too bad since there was only about 35 folks at this event. It was a knitting retreat hosted by our local yarn shop (AWESOME place, somewhat overwhelming in a sensory level, but in the good kind of way) The even was SO FUN!!! Beautiful yarn EVERYWHERE! Creative people who think in colors and textures and strange ways like me everywhere! Even though I knew very few of them, I felt very comfortable with them. Any they gave me very positive feedback about my creations and even some helpful ideas for future items. And I learned a fun new way to knit a sock b/ I got to attend one of the workshops so double bonus! I haven't knit in MONTHS so it was a lot of fun. But, sadly, I realized I really do need to bite the bullet and buy a little pair of reading glasses/bifocals b/c well, I cannot see at all when I am doing close up stuff. Wow, with my white streaks in my hair and my glasses and my knitting, I can be the first 34 year old granny in town!!! Ugh.

But, by far the best part of the weekend was all the folks I got to share with about Ethiopia, the plight of the orphan, and the fact that ANYONE can, and should, do something about it. God can use ANY thing you offer Him, even painting washers destined for the trash (the painted ones are reclaimed ones from a flood in PA-thanks to my Dad!!), to CHANGE the world FOREVER for a child. Think you don't have anything that seems like it will help? Take a look at my INCREDIBLE sign up there in the photo. It was GIFTED to me by some fabulous friends who own a sign shop, who believe all are called to be a part of caring for the fatherless in some way, and who used their gifts and abilities and business to contribute to a ministry dedicated to caring for God's children (and incidentally blessed my socks off-maybe why I needed to go to that sock knitting class). See? All He asks for is you to be willing and He will make it happen.

What do you have to offer?

ps-checked out my friend Kelly's blog yet??? Her most recent post will make you THINK. And then hopefully ACT-b/c just THINKING about the children with no families doesn't change their lives, just sayin' ;)


Dawn said...

what a cute picture of you!! put it on mamasheep fb!! you are awesome. i love you.

Kelly said...

I agree with Dawn, great picture!! Who is your photographer? I am just so proud of your success....God is faithful in the big and small!!

Tisha said...

Jody, that sign is amazing and I got goosebumps when I read it was a gift. How incredible!! I am so happy for you friend... you are onto something GREAT!!!

Erin said...

Congratulations, what a great success! You look fantastic for a Granny too :)

Allan Miller said...

Way to go, JodyJo! So happy that all that hard work is paying off...for you AND all those babies! :)

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Kelly said...

Hello Jody,
Just trying to figure out how to get my picture to show when I make a comment. Got an email...the goods should be in on Mon. Hopefully we will post them that night..can't wait!!!