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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Minus 1 Project

Sorry I have been terrible at keeping up my blog lately-honestly, it has been b/c I have been BUSY with ORDERS from my shop-YAHOO!!!!!! God has been AWESOME and right on time as usual. I have my first $ turn-in deadline this weekend for my trip to Ethiopia this summer and so far I have raised exactly what I need for that turn-in. Surprised? I am not-I know how God rolls ;)

So, while I am posting spottily at best, PLEASE go check out my very good friend Kelly's blog, The Minus 1 Project. They are beginning their second adoption, their 1st blog, and will be having some AWESOME stuff for sale soon to raise funds-stuff that is not out there already and I am EXCITED to get my hands on!! I will show myself holding it and laughing with glee as soon as I get it (that's a hint as to what it is.....any guesses??) and give y'all a link to the goods. :) She had been my good friend for years, was instrumental in opening our eyes to adoption, and just all around awesome. GO. Read her blog-be a follower. Go NOW.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

YEAH, I am an official follower of your blog now. And how could I not be, after that great shout out!! Thank you!