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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bring Out Yer Dead!

I AM alive!! However, we had 2 weeks of being sick, and last week was HORRIBLE with 5 of 6 of us with the barfy flu (including mommy!!) so needless to say, blogging did not happen. Nor did much of anything else. I'm still trying to catch up on laundry (hahahahahaha, not even a possibility) and just stopped in to say hi so...HI!!! I just have a minute before I fall right over asleep but wanted to tell you if you have not checked out my Etsy shop, I listed a bunch of new stuff so go see it-and BUY some stuff, too :)!! (you know, if you want, please?) I also wanted to give you the amazing news that I am OVER HALFWAY to my fundraising amount for my trip to Ethiopia, all while I have been playing with jewelry!! Is God awesome or what?! Also, and totally unrelated to fundraising or my trip but very related to God being awesome (as really all things are, you know)-THE COUNTER TOPS ARE COMING TODAY, THE COUNTER TOPS ARE COMING TODAY!!!!!!!! YAY!! There is a light at the end of this winterstorm-damaged tunnel!! (there is also STILL a homeless potty next to my bed-we must not speak of it while I am giddy about my counter tops, 'mkay?) I will post pictures asap-poor counter top guys, bet they don't know they are going to be featured on the innerwebs makin' my house all purty.....

Oh! and guess what? For Mother's Day, my AWESOME family gave me the teensy tiniest little cutie netbook computer so that I can take it to Ethiopia when I go and be able to email them and journal my trip while I am there!!! I am typing on it right now-IT IS SO CUTE!!! You can just about fit it in your little pocket...and it's name is Sylvester.

(What? You do not name your computers? Well, you should. Sylvester would have friends then...)


Dawn said...

I think Sylvester is a GREAT name! I haven't named my computer, but I did name my car. Lola. She's a showgirl. You should meet her. ANYWAYS... super excited that you are half way to your goal!! That is SO awesome!

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Tisha said...

That is great that you are 1/2 way there!! My Mom LOVED LOVED LOVED the necklace!!! I think you are her new best friend. :)
I can't wait to see the countertops... hopefully the house will be all put back together before next winter... right?!

Sarah said...

I'm not dead yet!

I LOVE my necklace! It was such a surprise after I sent Allan the link and he asked me if he could buy it and all. Ha! Anyway, its great -- thanks so much! And that is super exciting about your fundraising!

You gotta post photos of all of your home makeover. We your faithful viewers need to see what we've been praying over all these months!

My computers have always had names. My desktop, my he rest in peace, was Hamlet. My laptop, soon to be laid to rest alongside Hamlet, is Othello. I'm thinking I should stop giving my computers names from tragedies though, huh? Maybe that's the problem....

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Karen said...

YAY you are alive! Missed your blog posts! sorry you've all been so sick. BLECH.