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Monday, April 26, 2010


-New stuff added to the shop!! Go order now to get it in time for Mother's Day!!

-So far, The Mama Sheep (my Etsy shop, reference above) is doing well and I am excited to see what God is doing with my jewelry sales to fund my trip to Ethiopia this summer!

-There is a small chance I may get to see my favorite Dawn in the world, also known as Thing 4's mother in law, in 10 days-please Lord, make it so!

-We have a new shower, after some MAJOR run-arounds with our plumber and although it is still unusable b/c we have no walls around it nor any door/curtain or shower head, we HAVE the shower installed and a new handle for it, and it is SHINY!!

-We have drywall guys coming either tomorrow or Wednesday-woohoo! I may have a functioning house before Summer!!

-The toilet is still in my bed room.

(it can't ALL be good news, right??)


Erin said...

Pencil me in (with a sharpie) for the last week of August. I'm coming your way sista (and going to give Dawn a run for her money in the Mama in Law department!) Zoe's gonna want an older man :) Now off to shop your etsy, love it!

Tisha said...

YAY for everything you said!!! Well... except for the toilet still in your room. It sounds like your spring is going a lot better than your winter.

Dawn said...

glad you laid the SMACK DOWN!! you go with your bad self!!

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Allan said...

Dang, you suck. But I guess you deserve a little Dawn after the dark you've endured all winter.

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Allan said...

(Did it again -- was still signed in under Allan. Sorry!)

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Infarrantly Creative said...

You guessed it....we have the same project going on. I CAn"T WAIT@!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

ALL RIGHT!!! The toilet is next!

Karen said...

hey Jody,
I tagged you from my blog today: trying to help share about your etsy, and also i think you are hilarious and wanted to know your responses to the questions (about things inspiring you of late).

digg you!! xoxo