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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Some Things

We have had a weirdly busy 2 weeks and so I have just not gotten to write anything here. But I did in my mind a lot, ha! I am super sleepy so I will just make this a quick one to answer some questions!

Thing 4's hair-yes, it is humongous. I currently do this with it: I use coconut oil on it either before or after a bath to give it some moisture and keep it healthy. I used to only do that after her bath but I read on Happy Girl Hair about doing it BEFORE the bath and how it helps the water not be as damaging/drying and so I tried it and it made combing out so much easier! We only wash her hair with shampoo about 1x a week, sometimes even 10 days. I use some random drugstore type shampoo (I think it is "Just for Me" brand? obviously I don't have a great closeness with it but it has a green bottle and orange lid and a smiley little cute brown girl on the bottle-does that help any :)? ) that is a conditioner/'poo combo and then we also use conditioner, again cheapy Pantene for Women of Color (lame name!). When we do not wash with shampoo, we do use the conditioner to 'wash' it (called "cowashing"). After her bath, she gets coconut oil if we didn't do it before the tub b/c it helps her scalp, too. She tends to get dry on her scalp so that helps. Then, I comb it out with a wide, fat toothed comb. She is not a fan. It is loud. And struggle-y. And there are tears. And maybe some swearing. From both of us. But, if I do not do this step, it is even worse when I finally do it and it is NOT. GOOD. At all. So, after I am done torturing, I mean, combing, her, then she goes to bed. Yeah, we have tried the satin sleep cap. It caused some trauma. Trauma that presented as hysterical screaming in the middle of the night and when checked on by us, looked like a tiny pink-jammie clad bank robber with no eyeholes in her mask had taken up residence in the crib-and was angry about it. So, we will need to wait a little longer on being able to use that. Same with the satin pillowcase. I just felt too panicky on the nights we tried it b/c of the SIDS thing with pillows, etc in cribs. Just wasn't worth it to me for her to suffocate in order to keep her hair looking decent, you know? Call me crazy... Anyhoo, this means she wakes up with a little bit of bed head (read:her hair had a wild party all night long and looks like a frat house the morning after) I keep a spray bottle filled with water and a couple squirts of her regular conditioner (the Pantene stuff) and just shake it up. She gets a spray down with this, which she likes and thinks is funny, then a hopefully quick comb through since the night before she got a through one (which she does not think is funny-she still hates it-it is still loud and possibly sweary, but slightly less so overall). Then, the magic goo I use is a cheapo one (sense a theme?) that I got one night when her hair was just huge and I knew coconut oil alone would no longer cut it but I didn't want to wait for something I ordered online or whatever. I needed it NOW and just went to the store and I bought this stuff and it works remarkably well-BB Hair Oil Moisturizer. (pictured below in a terribly blurry pic from the innerwebs) It is a creamy lotion with some good healthy natural oils in it that do a decent job of defining and managing her curls. I do think that I am going to need to change it soon b/c her hair is getting VERY long and I just have to use a TON to have it work these days and it is just not ideal. It is really hard to get it to cover it all evenly. But, for boys or shorter hair, I think this would be super. And it is like $3 and you can get it at most "Marts" and/or grocery stores. It does have a weird smell at first but it does fade quickly-not a super strong smell but it is one of the ingredients that make it smell a little odd-urea. Yeah, sounds gross to the max, but it is used in many many moisturizing things and does do well. So there is our hair routine-still a work in progress but that is what we are currently doing. Hoping to try something else soon for her giant amount of hair...
Speaking of a work in progress, our house. STILL a mess. NOT one bit of work done yet. Waiting on counter tops to come in. Waiting on the shower to come in. Waiting for pigs to fly... Well, look up for swine tomorrow, friends, because the PLUMBER IS COMING! To do WORK! And get this party started-yahoo!!!! It is a miracle! I am not saying we are suffering, but 6 of us using one tiny bathroom is getting a little old. As is the toilet that has been sitting next to my bed for 2 months...but, whatever, the plumber is coming!!!! And supposedly, once he gets his stuff done, everything will all get started and the skies will part and birds will sing and the toilet will leave my boudoir and go where it belongs. I can't wait.
Ok, this was not quick at all-and I had some other things to discuss, but I am even more super-sleepy than I was before this long diatribe so off I go to spend time with my nice soft bed and fall asleep gazing upon....that dumb toilet.


Kristi J said...

ok, so i think your girl just has 10X as much hair as my girly...LL's hair doesn't even knot cause it is so thin still...It is growing, but just slow and patchy...The hair she does have is silky and soft and NOT course at all, but it does frizz...she has tiny spiral curls all over her head...I'm going to try the coconut oil thing before the bath...great idea....I use the pantene stuff and let it sit there for about 10 min. in the bath..and I then comb her hair ONE time a week with the conditioner still on it (then rinse)...she seriosly never gets it combed again until the next hair wash...but it doesn't knot (yet :)
ok, so didn't realize this was going to be so long..should have emailed ya :) LOL I'm going to try your stuff, kj

Tisha said...

Great stuff!!!! I forgot about the coconut oil BEFORE the bath... I am going to try that next time. I spend so much $$$$ on the girls' hair, so I am glad to hear that you have found some cheap things that work. Bummer about your house... I hope it gets done SOON!!!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Jody, you are so funny, I love reading your blogs! Finny's hair is C.O.U.R.S.E. and I'm using a product that Kristi J recommended and we're doing great with it so far, but it's pretty pricey, but I do wet his head before I spread it on it seems to help it absorb better. Hope all is well with you! Going to be in DC in June, dinner?