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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mama Sheep

Come check out my new Etsy shop, The Mama Sheep!!

I am SOOOOO excited that I finally have it up and running! (And I sold 2 of my first 4 listings in less than 12 hours of opening the shop-woohoo!!!) I am using the proceeds as a fundraiser for my mission trip to Ethiopia this summer visiting orphanages. After that, I plan to keep the shop stocked and going strong to raise funds for our church's adoption and foster care ministry. I am so excited to use a passion of mine to bring life, love and hope to children without forever families (YET!!) In case someone you know is in need of the perfect Mother's Day gift, I have just listed a personalized hand-stamped pendant for which you can select your child/children's birthstone crystal beads to be added as a charm. Wouldn't that be a sweet gift to celebrate the blessing of motherhood?? (yes, hubbies who might be reading this, it WOULD. Go. Order NOW!) For adoptive families, I am also going to be adding "Expecting from...." hand-stamped pendants where you can specify the country, a tasteful pink or blue glass bead if you know which gender little one is going to be joining your family or you can select a different beaded charm if you'd rather! I am HAPPY to do custom work as I love to do one of a kind pieces-not a big fan of mass producing stuff, takes the fun right out of it :) So c'mon over to the sheep pen and enjoy the view!!

ps-the plumber did NOT come Wednesday. Big surprise. However, we are not giving him a hard time about it because he had a good reason. His van broke down the day before and when his helper worker guy got under it to fix it, it somehow rolled onto him and they ended up at the ER. Fortunately he was not killed, praise the Lord!!, but was pretty badly hurt sooooo, I guess we will let this one slide. No, I am not making it up, it is just one more of the kind of crazy ridiculous things that always seem to happen in our world! We will never have that toilet out of our bedroom-maybe I should just use it as my background for my Etsy photos.....


Tisha said...

I will SO be buying something for mother's day!! I would crack up if you did put a picture of your toilet in the background, but then again not everyone would get the joke and probably wouldn't buy anything and that would NOT be funny!!

Dawn said...

soooo happy its up!! happy shopping everyone! :)

Karen said...

Oh Jody I just checked out your etsy and you are so talented! I love it! :)


Infarrantly Creative said...

Congratulations on opening your shop. I went a poked around. You have some great stuff. Those painted washer necklaces rock. Good luck on your God endeavor...hope He blesses.