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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I have a few new things listed in my Etsy shop-the link is above-so you should check 'em out! A few new bracelets and my newest item-rings! They are fun little pieces that are light as a feather, literally, yet are pretty tough and sturdy, too! I have had SO. MUCH. FUN. with the Mama Sheep stuff, I just really want to make stuff all the time. It annoys me when life interrupts my creating!! Oh well, to everything there is a season I suppose....

So, I leave in TWO WEEKS for Ethiopia!! Squeeeee!!! I cannot believe I will be there in 2 weeks, seeing/smelling/touching/hearing the smells of Africa!!! And I have been overwhelmed with donations from folks of all sorts of items for the kiddos I will spend time with on my trip-my living room is filling up with evidence of the generosity and big hearts of friends and strangers alike!! I have had emails from people I have never met and do not know how they got my email and they are offering me supplies for the children and all sorts of stuff-God is just SO. GOOD! Amazing. I am not even sure how on Earth I am going to get it to Ethiopia as I am certain it will not fit in my luggage, even with me taking my own clothes in just my carry-on, but who cares! God will make a way! And also, here is something-I have raised every cent of my trip, plus $$ for travel expenses and possibly extra luggage fees if necessary and I have never asked outright for $$ for my trip! Can you say yay God??!!!

I will do my absolute best to post from Ethiopia-I was able to do it when we traveled to adopt so I am hoping to do it this time, too. Since so many people have given to this trip, I feel like all of us are going so I will keep up my end by giving you all a virtual trip, 'k?

Well, gotta scram as I have 40 million things to do in the next few days...ok, I really want to go work on my jewelry, hee hee....


Kelly said...

LOVE THE RINGS!!! Jody--they look great!! i would be so happy to do a raffle or something with your jewelry!! Oh, and by the way, my picture was not meant to be hilarious...:) (ok, so yes it was, I hope other people get that, too)

Tisha said...

I love the rings too!!!! You are one talented lady, lady! I CANNOT wait for you to go. I really hope that you are able to blog, because I know just reading your words will mentally bring me back to the place that is so close to my heart! God is so good! I love the fact that you have raised all your money and then some... YAY GOD!!!

Dawn said...

umm you BETTER post from ETH. you BETTER. or ELSE!!! but i do get to squeeze you just a couple days after you get home... so i wont be too mad if you dont. :)

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i think thats my favorite so far

Mandy said...

I'm loving all of your Etsy pretties! You really are talented. Seriously. I'm picky like that. ;)
I'm looking forward to hearing about what is happening in Ethiopia. Very exciting!