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Thursday, June 17, 2010

You MUST Have One (or 3!!) Of These!!!

My friend Kelly is right now fundraising for their second adoption and a couple of AWESOME things they are selling-not your regular T-shirt fundraiser here! They have stainless steel travel mugs and cute tote bags with an AWESOME message right on them. Check it out:

16 oz. mug, $20 which INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!! what?! um, AWESOME!

Black cotton tote bag, $12 which INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!! yes, please!! Lightweight, roomy, super easy to toss in your purse too for when you need an extra bag (which for me is ALWAYS!!)

SO, go to her blog, The Minus 1 Project, and order like 15 of each...just think of the great Christmas gifts they will make and how you will be done with shopping WAAAAY before December. And even better, think of the message it will get out to anyone who sees you drinking coffee or shopping or going to the pool or the library or the mall or the grocery store or....EVERYWHERE. Can you just imagine how many people can get the message that there are kids out there in desperate need of LOVE and a HOME??? Oh yes, a coffee cup CAN change the world. Let's all get them and get this message OUT, friends!!!!!!


Dawn said...

ooooo.....need me a bag!

Tisha said...

I am with Dawn... I NEED a bag or 2 or 3!

3 Blessings said...

Love the message. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

yeah, i could go for a few of those! i'm glad they put that period in there after "adopt" because otherwise i might feel compelled to adopt 147 million orphans. and i thought one was a handful. :)

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(as in, "it takes a biligge...")

Eryn said...


Kelly said...

Thanks, Jody for spreading the word on our "project" in such a fun, loving, only-jody way!! You have been such an encourager and supporter from day one!! You are a great friend.....I love that we can share this!! (and I didn't even have to threaten or push you around)

nell ann said...

Jody! It is AWESOME that you are helping them out like this. I'm ordering up some goodies today. Also, I'm about to peruse your etsy and do some more shopping! See, rain is good for the economy. : )

Kari said...

I'm getting a bag and I think we're in Africa at the same time... I'm traveling with Visiting Orphans (Amanda Lawrence) I love your blog- come over to my crazy site and say hi, too.