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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Final Visit!

We have our final post placement visit first thing tomorrow morning-woo hoo! That means it is our last visit with our social worker following our adoption and it also means we have had Thing 4 home almost ONE YEAR already-what?! When did that happen?? Oh and by first thing in the morning I mean FIRST THING-8 o'clock. Oh my. Our super sweet and accommodating social worker is coming then so as to be here when all the kids are here and mom and dad are both home before work and school so they don't all have to miss another day. Except, um, I HATE THE MORNING. Me and morning=ENEMIES. And yes, I am usually up by then (against my will) because I have to pack lunches and say goodbyes to Things 1 and 2 before school. But, I am usually in my jammies, eyes half closed still, and uttering unintelligible words while frantically trying to get my hands on a cold, extremely fizzy diet soda. The fizz MUST be strong-it's all about the burn, people! I gotta wake up somehow! What's that? Coffee? Uh, coffee is my go to for the mid-afternoon slump around 3 o'clock when I have to get through the second half of the day. I also prefer non-breakfast foods for breakfast like lasagna--yup, that's how I roll. (And also apparently I have a caffeine problem it seems) Anyhoo, now I have to get up AND be dressed in real clothes and have the kiddos dressed and ready to seen by the public by 8. Not a good thing for someone whose perfect schedule would be go to bed at 1 a.m. and up at 9 (or 10, whatever) Oh boy, maybe I should just stay awake all night and collapse from exhaustion after she leaves...hmmm, I'm sure that would highlight my responsible mom side, eh? I better go make lunches now and go to bed. And maybe I will just sleep in my clothes...I kid, I kid. (or do I??? I think that is just being efficient.)

ps-check out some AWESOME blog posts from the Compassion blogger tour in Kenya here!!! So amazing-and the pictures of the children are STUNNING! If you want to sponsor a child yourself, click the "go deeper" button on the top side of my blog!


Kristi J said...

ohhhhh, thing 4 is so big now..i haven't seen a pic of her in so is about time :) she is just a gorgeous little thing 4!! That hair looks wonderful, kj

Jstar said...

Oh my gosh - congrats on passing one year! We have postplacement reports due every year until Sasha is 18, so being done at a year sounds *fabulous*. Of course, we love our social worker, so I have no room to complain. Hope your early morning went well and I *love* her hair - oh those curls!!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, I can't wait until I can sleep in again. I have two toddlers and it seems like that day will never come. Thanks for paying my blog a visit.

By the way, i see you're in Blacksburg. VT fan? Go hoos! :)

nell ann said...

Ahhh! You caught me! It's true. I'm two-timing everyone in blogworld. It's so funny that you found out via better after.

Congrats on your last visit! I've been following along all the Compassion posts from you and WATF and now want to sponsor about 400 kids. Our world is so broken.

Cheryl said...

Are you serious?! = ) Jody, I was just visiting one of my followers and thought I'd click on her blog sites and saw this little dark skinned big - eyed baby girl and went, "HEY! I know her! ZOE!"

How fun! I am now officially one of your FOLLOWERS! new blog buddy!

Can't wait to sit and read your posts. = )

Peace, my friend,