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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

Wow, you know you are tired when you doze off (and you are in that funny place between sleeping and awake where you THINK you are awake, but you are really not) and you are trying to warm up your coffee in the microwave, by pushing the buttons with a fork of course, only you wake all the way up and realize it is NOT in fact the microwave nor coffee but the laptop in front of you and you are making funny air jabby gestures with your hands, as if pushing microwave buttons, with a fork. I think maybe I need a little extra sleep perhaps. Or maybe just a little extra coffee, heated up in the REAL microwave, not the fork jabbed laptop from my dreams.

Perhaps it is because my kitchen has looked like this for the last month that I do not know where things are and how to make a simple cup of coffee these days:

Maybe a nice shower would wake me up, too, if my shower didn't currently look like this:

As you can see, still not much progress on the house repairs after the winter of misery. The insurance/contractor mess is taking a little longer to sort out than was originally thought (anyone surprised by that??) and they will hopefully start next week. BUT, we do have a nice new roof on the back of our house complete with ice barrier, one working early 80's blue bathtub that comes with rubber duckies and Dora stick up toys, and at least part of a working kitchen so I am not complaining!! Even if I have to go to my dining room and sometimes climb over the kitchen cabinets that are on the floor in there to find dishes or cups, I have a mostly warm home (currently minus some wall sections but whatever) filled with people I love. And, my coffee pot still works, just as long as I actually push the buttons on IT, not the computer, with my fingers.

(But now if I COULD make coffee be dispensed from the laptop, I might be on to something......)


Erin said...

Wow, you are living the high life lately. Next winter you just book yourself some open ended tickets out here to the lovely mild Pacific Northwest and live with us. Although your half a kitchen is probably still bigger than mine :)

Gene said...

Try being a week late with your insurance premium some time and see how fast you get a response!!!

Now THAT'S action.

be_a_Mary said...

so your tired, stinky, and still rather funny? ;)