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Friday, April 24, 2009

We're Home

We are back, feel like we have been run over by a truck, Pat is sick in bed and I cannot stop feeling like I am still on a plane. As such, I will give you and update on the last bit of our trip when I regain conciousness-thank you all for coming along on our journey, your comments helped get us through the week!


Jana said...

Acccckkkk! I missed it all. So happy for you. I have been in a car with all my kids for 5 days, I'm sure you understand! Your girly is beautiful. And just so you know, I was dizzy for at least 4 days after the plane ride. It will go away, but it stinks!!

Michael said...

WooooHoooo! You are home! I too was dizzy for a little while.


Troy said...

1) ugh
2) glad you're home
3) we'll be praying for health in your bodies

Mandy said...

Get lots of rest and feel better soon! I have loved reading your updates and look forward to hearing more. thanks for sharing!

Kristi J said... glad you are back..Can't wait for some pics of you all ALL together...:) Hope everyone feels better, kj

Michelle said...

Welcome HOME!

Maria and Family said...

Cant wait for at home pictures !!