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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our God is a GREAT BIG God

What a day-a whirlwind of last minute packing, checking, cleaning, crying, answering the phone, answering the phone, answering the phone, and crying-and answering the phone. It has rung off the hook today, with all manner of blessings from friends and family who are calling to wish us well and tell us they are praying for and love us and cannot wait to meet the newest girl in our family. And in the midst of one such conversation with my husband's elderly grandmother who was just giddy with joy over having another great granddaughter, my husband walks in the room (while he is supposed to be finishing the girls' baths so I am wondering what is up) and says, "uh, there are like 15 people outside our door who are here to pray for us". I looked at him like "whachoo talkin 'bout Willis?" because well, what WAS he talking about? We had a great time of prayer with our group last night from church and they "sent us off" so I thought he was just being weird, because you know, sometimes husbands do that (occasionally, I have heard anyway...) So he says "no, I'm serious-get off the phone" and I'm all giving him the "it is your GRANDMOTHER!" hiss and the 'eye of how can I just ditch your grandmother on the phone, you call yourself a southern boy'. So he tells me it is his friend from work and their small group and they want to pray for us before we go-um, these people have never even MET us!! and there they were, in my living room, hands and hearts outstretched to God on our behalf. If that doesn't show you what kind of a God we serve, well then, nothing will.

Zoe baby, you are one loved little girl, and we cannot wait to tell you all about it in person! See you SOON!!!


Dawn said...


We are leaving tomorrow. Um can you say YAY!?!

Troy said...

wow, God's love through His people is unreal.


Tisha said...

OH my gosh Jody that is wonderful. I am such a big cry baby over the whole adoption process, but that brought big tears. Jesus follwers are amazing people I tell ya!

I am SO excited for you!!!!! You all will be in my prayers. :)

Carrie S said...

This about made me cry. How wonderful for you. So excited for your family, blessed travels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody!
My prayers are with you. As I told Dawn and Tim.....BE SAFE! Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy your are special people to do what you are doing. As for Dawn....well you know she's her own way. (hehe)I wish so much we could go with and share in all of your joy. Maybe sometime we will meet. Like at the wedding in Jamaica! Love to you both.....Dawnys mom (Brenda)

dougb0 said...

Praise the Lord! We are praying for you, and looking forward to meeting Zoe when we get back to Blacksburg.

Kristi J said...'re happy and excited for you all, kj

Kelly said...

Pat and Jody, read a really cool comment on adoption last night, sometimes you have to get your feet wet before God parts the sea! You all are jumping in, being His feet to bring Zoe home and His hands to hold and love her. Praise God for His faithful servants. We love you three! Kelly