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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Long Friday

Between packing and regular house stuff and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off, stopping every few moments to say "we're going to Africa! and bringing home a baby! ack!", I don't have a long time to sit and type up something clever and fascinating like I usually do (ha!) so I will give you bunches of pictures instead punctuated by witty banter, 'k?

On Friday at my girls' school, it was the culmination of 'Readers are Leaders' week and so it was Dr. Seuss day where they got to dress like their favorite Dr. Seuss character. Here are my 2 before leaving the house, one of whom was suddenly THRILLED about wearing her costume:
And here is the other half of the "Things" who is my Thing 1's friend at school who looks eerily similar to her:
They opted for the understated blue streaks rather than this more authentic look that another boy in their class pulled off:
The kids were all great-lots of Cats in the Hats and Things and Cindy Loo Hoos and Sallys. It was cute!! The rest of Friday was consumed with trying to find plane tickets (what?! yes!), trying to work out a visit with our Compassion sponsored child in Ethiopia (more on this next post) and driving 2 hours away to buy a new sofa and then driving 2 hours back and then cutting myself on the staples on the new sofa and also dropping the GIGANTIC new sofa on my foot as we were trying our 3rd attempt at bringing it into the house up the back deck steps because whoever built our house apparently has something against having furniture as there is no easy way to get it into the house and rooms in which you want to use it. However, we were victorious and here is said new sofa, on which I collapsed immediately at midnight when we finally got it in the house and commenced crying which may or may not stop until we are on the plane to Ethiopia.
Please pass the tissues. It's going to be a long 9 days....


Renee said...

Jody, What flight arrangements do you guys have?

Tisha said...

Love the new sofa!! We have a Compassion child in Uganda, but we don't think we are going to be able to meet her while we are in Africa. It makes me sad... I hope you are able to meet yours. Can't wait to hear more.

Michelle said...

9 days will come quickly :)

tuesdaymom said...

Oh man, I hear ya on the tears thing. Of all the weeks to have PMS! (Eh, did I just say that on a public blog?) But at least I'm getting THAT business over with before we travel. But for right now, I'd just like to curl up in a ball in a dark corner for the next 10 days.

10 days??! Waaahhhh!!

PS I second Renee, dish on your travel arrangements. You guys flying out from Dulles Saturday night?

Dawn said...

i'll see you my friend in 8 days! are you ready for some mad libs?!

word verification - redness

Kristi J said... excited for you...Love on Miss M for me....Have I sent you pics yet?? can't remember anything these days...Can't wait to see yall travel...kj

Dawn said...

jody is grody