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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Y'all, I am trying to keep up with posting because we have so much going on that could be fun to write about, but the problem is that we have SO MUCH going on, that there is not time to write about it! And now all of the sudden our court date is upon us-this Friday, in the wee early hours of Friday for us, and I am not even sure how that happened!! So we could be in Africa in just a few weeks, and I cannot even get my groceries put away, let alone packed to pick up my baby! So I am just going to skip most of the posts I have composed in my head because by the time I get them caught up on here, well, I will be an old lady.

But I will tell you what we did this weekend. We made this:

Into this:

(those white boxes on the wall hold all our shoes-they are from IKEA and are the best. thing. ever. total space saver!)

My appliances FINALLY came and we had decided whenever we got them, we would re-do the icky laundry room(which is the room we come into when we come home so I got to look at its ugliness about 15 times a day-depressing) and so we did it this weekend and I LOVE it! We put in new flooring and took down ugly wallpaper border and re-painted and hooked up our new washer and dryer and well, I'm in LOVE! My littlest Thing and I just sat on the (new) floor and watched the first load we did because it was so fun to watch it go around and I was amazed at how this machine was way smarter than I was. It was ultra quiet, too, and I was completely unconvinced it was actually washing my clothes because it used like 3 tablespoons of water. But it did and I have no idea how, and it dried the entire load in 45 minutes!! Not even on high heat! It is little miracles like this that are keeping me going right now because our life has been a huge steaming bowl of crazy the last couple weeks. And it is just going to get crazier, but I think this next few months will be the good kind of crazy, the kind that makes you praise God for the fullness of life, rather than rip your (rapidly whitening) hair out and wonder how you ever ended up in this place in life and how can you get out of it. And I cannot wait!!!


Maria and Family said...

Prayers all goes well with your court date!! YOu could be traveling in a few short weeks. AH!!

tuesdaymom said...

You are nutty. But I love your laundry/shoe room. In fact, I covet your laundry/shoe room. Okay, maybe not THAT bad...but I am a might bit jealous. My appliances shake my house. Literally. But for some reason people are more willing to donate towards bringing home our baby than to seeing that her clothes are cleaned quietly, so there we have it.
I leave you with today's word verification: cripers. As in, "Cripers! You have court in two days!"

Renee said...

ohh nice washer and dryer...color me jealous..I lost a nice chunk of skin off my finger to the washer yesterday.

Tisha said...

The laundry room looks great!! I will be praying lots for you guys Thursday night. I am excited for you. :)

Dawn said...

Ooooo.... very nice! Good choice in color too... love it. Oh and "C" is too stinkin cute!! :)

Michelle said...

Looks amazing! Praying for your Friday news :)

Jessica Knitter said...

I completely understand your kind of craziness! I feel like if I look away for just a second all the balls I am juggling high up in the air will fall on me. I love my craziness though!