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Monday, March 30, 2009

IS No News Good News?

So, we still have not heard anything about our court appointment. We're just hanging out, sorting donations, re-organizing closets to make room for number 4, and wondering if I should start packing suitcases any time soon. I have borrowed luggage from my sister which for some reason is very exciting to me-they took their whole family to India last year at this exact time (they have 6 kids, age 12 and under-although one was in-utero at the time!!) to explore some missionary possibilities, and here this same exact luggage will be traveling the world again to complete another piece of God's plan-bringing home our little girl. And she also gave me her shoes that she bought just for that trip as they were just a tinsy bit big for her (we wear almost the same size shoes, which in this case worked out well for me :) ) and I plan on taking them to Ethiopia, b/c they are super comfy. So, they will go on another international journey, too. I just love the fact that the dirt on the soles of those shoes has been collected from around the world, all in response to God's prodding a few hearts. Amazing that He takes us, dirt and all, both at home and around the world, to make sure that He is known and His love is shared with people from every tribe and tongue. And so I oddly do not feel anxious or worried at all about our court results because I know He loves our girl more than we ever will and He has got her in the palm of His great big almighty hand, and there is not a better place for her to be! So, I will let you know when we hear anything, and until them I will just continue to be in awe of the amazing things God does in the hearts and lives of those He calls His own :).


Dawn said...

VERY cool about the luggage & shoes! And I think you SHOULD start packing! :)

Michelle said...

Still can not wait to hear. Awesome about the shoes and luggage.

tuesdaymom said...

I'm glad you're not anxious. That makes one of us. :)

I hope we all hear very soon!

Jessica Knitter said...

I would also be very excited about the luggage. I wil continue to pray for your court results and hope they come very soon!


Jana said...

Oh please, oh please!!! In answer to your questions (which I appreciate!), we leave in 3 weeks! I accepted a full-time ER job. My hubby will find work once we get there. It's going to be a crazy job so hopefully I won't be full-time for too long. We are excited but a little terrified!

Troy said...

man, what a ring story ... Amber did a good job of not saying anything ... I think she knew how upset I was (prolly saw that when I almost broke my hand on a door jam).

Today is fast/pray Wed for us so you guys be lifted up throughout the day ... especially since a coworker brought donuts in this morning! :)

Praying you'll hear soon! I have a feeling their batching yours with the 3/31 folks so hopefully today ... maybe tomorrow...I told Dawn I'm removing the thought of this wait for us out of my head for now ... can't/don't want to comprehend that yet.

Maria and Family said...