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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Week of Blessings

Ok, if you didn't get to read the article in the last post, GO NOW and read it. Totally amazing. I'll wait.

One of the blessings I was part of this week was seeing the Mizero children perform at my daughters' school. They are a group of orphans from Rwanda, ages 11-18, doing a US tour and are awesome! "Mizero" means hope-and that hope for these kids who have suffered so much can only come from the Lord!! Here are a few pictures, sorry some are blurry but these kiddos could move! (If you want to watch a video of these awesome kids, go here)

At the end of their performance, they pulled a several of the school kids onto the floor with them and danced with them and then a bunch of students spontaneously jumped up and joined in-it was so great!!

Next up on the blessing list, the bag 'o love!! Here is the picture of the stuff we sent to our baby girl, unpacked obviously:
I do not have one of it in the ziploc bag b/c I sealed it up in the car in the parking lot of the post office b/c that is just how things go sometimes around this house :). Anyway, the photo album had her picture on the front, NOT the one in the above picture, and pictures of our family and pets inside. Plus I borrowed my friend's label maker so I could make nice neat clean labels to put on all the pictures-a fun indulgence for my obsessive-compulsive streak! It is just the little things sometimes, you know? :) So I sent it with many prayers that she was doing ok and got a little bit of an answer to that prayer today in an email from Kimmie:

"Your little girl is beautiful! She is so tiny and perfect. Each time we came though, she was sleeping in her tiny little bassinet. We prayed over her and told her you love her. Sorry we didn't get to hold her for you, but know that God is holding her until you get there.

One of the days she was taking a nap out in the fresh air. She is healthy...very tiny little pretty! You are a blessed mama ... know that she is receiving excellent care, lots of love, excellence all the way around in Hannah's Hope. The special mothers are very gentle and loving. They pray over the children and constantly speak to them. The kids are held loads throughout the day...we didn't see one unhappy kid there the whole time. The place just oozes contentment and joy...a place where the Father's love is felt."

Oh my goodness, it made my whole week!! All the craziness of this last week and a half just melted away. What a blessing the AGCI family is that people take the time to check on each other's children for them and pray over them!
I think that is quite a week filled with glimpses of the glory of God-I am off to re-read the email for the zillionth time and stare at pictures of my little one just a little bit more :).


Super Mom said...

Don't you just want to hug Kimmie? She was amazing about checking on kids for us, such a huge blessing!

Renee said...

Cute goodies our little boy is getting the same photo cool that you got some news about your baby i can't wait until some of the traveling families get to send us news.

Jana said...

So sorry about our good weather:) I did read the article and it was fantastic!! I'm glad you had such a great week!