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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Ethiopian Christmas!

For dinner tonite, we had Ethiopian food in honor of Christmas in Ethiopia. Here is a picture of my first attempt at doro wat, or chicken stew. It does not have all the authentic parts like whole hard boiled eggs (b/c we were trying to celebrate a holiday and mad squeals of horror and gagging noises from small children would have ruined it), chicken parts with bones still attached (again, gagging and such), or massive amounts of berbere, a super hot Ethiopian spice b/c, well, you know already.And here is the nice fresh injera that I whipped out. And by whipped out, I mean whipped out of the bag brought home from the nice Ethiopian lady who makes it at her little take out place. I was not feeling THAT adventurous to be willing to try this tonite, I had already semi-concocted a close approximation of Ethiopian spiced butter (niter kebbeh) and really thought that was an accomplishment enough.The girls thought it great fun that they had giant floppy pancakes that they could actually eat with their hands, and mom actually TOLD them to do it instead of using a fork!! Ethiopia rocks!

All in all it was pretty good and the kids ate it really well and my hubby added all the crazy hot red pepper he wanted to his serving and was probably much closer to the "real thing" than the rest of us weenies. But hey, they ate it and that was big-and they were also given applesauce to help sweeten the deal a bit, and so in case the meal was horrible, at least they'd have some food in them :).

Well, we met with our doctor last night and he gave us the thumbs up on our little lady so we are ready to fly through our paperwork, which came today-woohoo!!-and get this party started. Here are a few pictures of us seeing our sweet one for the first time. My sister and her family (6 kids, 1 hubby-which is good, I think) came over to see her and take pictures for us. That explains the crowd of kiddos so no, we don't live in a shoe.
(that is my sister holding that little guy) (this one just cracked us up with Thing 3's little expression)
Here is what Thing 3 thinks about her new baby sister:
Ok, that's really just what she thought about getting to run around shrieking with her sisters without anyone telling them to PLEASE BE QUIETER. And here is one more picture of 3 anxious sisters waiting for new pictures to come out so they could be shown to teachers and class at school :) They were VERY excited:

We are so happy to be adding one more girl to this fun bunch!!


Super Mom said...

Very impressive cooking feats. I think I'll be buying a lot of food from the lady at the farmer's market that sells Ethiopian food.

nell ann said...

I am so impressed that you even attempted Ethiopian food--and much more so that it tasted good -- and absolutely amazed that you were able to convince small children to eat it! Kudos on being a great mom.

It's so fun that you got everyone together to see your new girl. It's giving me ideas for my time around...which will hopefully be pretty soon!

Merry ETH Christmas!

Kimmie said...

Congratulations on your referral. How blessed you are to receive such a little baby..honestly, my hopes was for a tiny one too, but God had other plans.

We have not had Ethiopian food yet, just found out last week that there is an Ethiopian restaurant not too far away. Really neat that your family got to celebrate the Ethiopian Christmas.

May God's hand be on you and yours. Happy celebrations.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Dawn said...

Look at you! Cooking all fancy shmancy!! Nice work!! :)

Eric and Michelle said...

Love that you captured those moments :)

Kristi J said...

absolutely adorable...I forgot you already had 3 girls...I was thinking there was one boy in the mix somewhere...I'm one of 4 is an awesome bond we have. I'm so happy for you and hope to be joining you soon, kristi

Chinamama4 said...

Saw your comment at Owlhaven and am enjoying your blog! Looking forward to following your adoption journey! What a wonderful, exciting time for your family!

Dawn said...

1st-sweater was on clearance at kohls. woohoo! love me a good sale.
2nd-my mom will now love you forever for saying that. she actually gets that a lot & just loves it!
3rd-sorry for the tears, but i warned ya!
4th-so wish you could've been there too!!
5th- this stuff is all SO fun! i just keep looking at all of it!! :)
6th-i'm missin my baby like crazy! lets go get them!! wanna??

Aubrey said...

You're amazing! I really need to get to work on learning how to cook Ethiopian!

nell ann said...

You are so right about how good God is. What a privilege it is to serve the God of the universe, and amazing that He has the desire to bless us with good stuff! Including precious children from the other side of the world!

Brian and Autumn said...

How exciting Jody!!! I am very happy for you guys :)