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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, we had some funny pictures of our family New Year's Eve celebration with just our family (we let the older Things stay up to watch the ball drop-they get super weird by midnight) but somehow our fancy new camera ate them and they are gone into the photography abyss. Well, picture a supermodel and her 2 perfectly dressed and groomed children pleasantly singing Auld Lang Syne with her dashing husband gazing lovingly upon them and you will get a good feel for what it was like in our pictures. There was none of one hiding under a blanket screaming "Leave me alone! I don't WANT my picture taken!" or any of my oldest and I showing off our smokin' moves to the crazy rap music blaring on Rockin' Eve. Or drinking cheap faux champagne and acting like we were tipsy. Because that would be embarrassing and stupid. So we did not have ANY pictures like THAT. That would be ridiculous.

So I will leave you with a picture of the sweetest gift I received this Christmas. It is from my 9 year old nephew and it was the only gift we received for our baby:
It was a little ball he had sewn himself out of scraps of corduroy from his sister's sewing basket. And he does not sew. But he did, for our baby. That he has never even met. And he is only 9. He said he made it out of that fabric because it was soft and the baby could snuggle it against it's face. Yes, I cried.

God is GOOD.


Dawn said...

Aww man I wanted to see your smokin moves! Ok, so what kind of camera did you guys get? You can tell me all about it at the movie tomorrow.

Renee said...

How sweet is you nephew..ok you'll have to excuse me while i go grab a tissue..*sob sob* Its a new year and we are just a few days from AGCI's to big things in 2009.

Eric and Michelle said...


Jana said...

I think you ARE a super model!! I was in Target tonight not looking fantastically attractive and I did run across the super model family. Everyone was perfect, it pretty much pissed me off. I am so bad!!!

Kristi J said...

I must be excited about this coming week, because the present from the nephew brought tears to my eyes!! So BETTER post quickly if you hear something ASAP...I'm dying to cross yall off my list....which means "I"M NEXT" :) text me or send email if you get around to it.....Dawn said she would :)
can't wait to hear something, kj