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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We have been Compassion sponsors for years, actually I started in college. We have sponsored 5 children and are currently sponsoring 4 of them still. It has been a joy, blessing, eye-opener, and unifying thing for our family. My children have become aware of the lives of children in other parts of the world, parts that don't have the things we have. They have developed an understanding of the fact that we CAN make a difference in the daily lives of these children, even thousands of miles away, through the amazing work of Compassion. If you do not already have a child that you sponsor with Compassion, or you'd like to consider sponsoring another, click on the Compassion link next to this and get started today. If you are interested in a firsthand account of some of the Compassion projects, check out Owlhaven's blog where she is reporting from a Compassion Bloggers trip to the Dominican Republic. You too can make a difference in the life of a child or children, and be abundantly blessed as well. Go check out Compassion and let me know if you find a child to sponsor or if you already do so, share a little about your sponsored child in the comments. Let's change these kids' futures together!

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