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Sunday, October 7, 2007


I have just not had much to blog about for a good while, you know? I did not do a whole lot of knitting this summer for many reasons-I didn't have as much time because everyone was home from school all day, we were running around a lot doing "stuff", we were traveling, etc. Also, I have a hard time knitting much in the summer because it is just HOT and so if it is not cotton, I don't really want it touching me and I don't always love knitting with cotton because it hurts my hands a bit. So anyway, I didn't have much knitting to blog about. So, here it is October and I have been knitting a lot more and so now I am not blogging much because I'd rather spend the small (VERY small!) amount of down time I have actually knitting instead of blogging about knitting! But I haven't totally given up the blogosphere yet so here's what's flying around on the needles and hopefully flying off the needles SOON:

One Skein Wonder--this is the 3rd or 4th attempt, not because it is difficult, I just kept trying to make myself use some stash yarn. I have a lot of yarn around my house, too much some silly people might say, but oddly enough I had no yarns that really WANTED to be this sweater. I liked the colors of a few but of those I actually cast on, one wanted to be another sweater and another was a yucky scratchy acrylic that no matter how hard I tried to like it, it just made me kind of want to throw it far away. So I made a short detour to my LYS and picked up a beautiful skein of super soft, lovely Araucania Aysen that has definitely decided it wants to be this sweater. It should be done in a day or so, depending on the level of craziness in my house.

Circular Vest-this is coming along slowly but surely. It is soft and nice and I really like the pattern but I made a mistake while knitting this at the Dave Matthews concert and I tried to let it go but after several more rounds, I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to rip back a good bit and fix it. Moral of the story-if you are just a little bit of a perfectionist cannot live with mistakes, just fix them right away so you are not extremely angry while ripping back 8 or 10 rounds (rounds that get bigger as you go, btw). Also, the needles I am using for this are garbage so it is making it hard and frustrating to do the p2tog's. I am considering a needle switch before going further but we will see.

Etc.-I still have the Mystery Stole hanging around but I am just not in a lace mood these days. I have just been way too exhausted to do any "pay attention" knitting plus, like I said, I have limited sit down and knit time so most of my knitting is done on the go these days and lace with beads is no good for this. I also have 2/3 of the squares done for my mitred square blanket but I just don't feel like doing it much anymore, even if it was supposed to be a gift. Poor baby, I better just go get him a book or something before he goes off to college... Speaking of college, I still have one Hokie Bird sock hanging around without a buddy-how embarrassing!! I have got to make that other one before the end of the football season or I may end up a lonely single mom. And speaking of onesies, I still have one Peekaboo Mitten without a buddy-good thing it is still 90 STINKING HOT degrees in October so I can buy some time for that guy. I hate UFOs, they stress me out because it is just one more thing I feel like I HAVE to do. Quit pressuring me, you yarn sirens buried in the depths of random, cobwebby baskets and bags! I have decided I will ignore them for now. There, I feel better already. Whew!

Finally, I have made a list of my Christmas knitting and I am getting excited about that stuff so hopefully I will have more to show and talk about in the weeks to come! Knit on, friends!


Gina said...

What's wierd is that since it's sooo hot, I've lulled myself into not realizing that Xmas is just around the corner!

Lynne said...

Oh, it can't be time for Christmas knitting already!!!!