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Monday, October 15, 2007

All Yarn, All The Time

I just can't get away from it! My daughters had Field Day at their school on Friday and since I have the small Thing 3 to tote around, there wasn't much I could do to help out that day. So, the day before I had spoken with the coordinator of the events to see what I could do at home to help out. She went rummaging through her supplies and asked, "Would you mind winding me some balls of yarn for a craft project? Is that something you would be OK doing?" I laughed right out loud. Yeah, I'm not sure if I could do that. I'm not comfortable around mass quantities of yarn-hahaha! Yarn finds me, I tell you! (even if it is Red Heart scratchyville yarn) So here is the result of my labors:

75 Mini-skeins of Red Heart scratchyville yarn

The older kids used them to make these. It is called "yarn painting" in the most recent issue of Family Fun magazine. Don't you just LOVE them?!? My kids didn't make them at Field Day because they are younger but I think we will be doing some at home.

As for knitting, I have some ripping, cussing, and finishing to do and hopefully pictures to show in my next post. Enjoy the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet today-and go paint with some yarn! Whee!


Bel said...

Those leaves are awesome! I need to read my issue...the single magazine my mom gets me every year and I LOVE!

Hey, are you ever available on Thursday mornings? We are starting a sock group Thursdays from 10am-noon, and I would love you to come! Let me know if you can!! We'd love to have you!

cate said...

I'm glad I'm not the only cussing gal round SW VA!!! Got a new e-mail girl and I lost yours when I dropped AOL. Here goes:


now we can be reconnected! cate