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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I FINALLY finished that stinking Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason Dixon Knitting-for Mom's birthday that was, ahem, a month ago. I don't know why (well, yeah I do-'cuz when you do not actually knit something, it seldom knits itself-funny, that knitting.....) but it just took me forever and I really wondered if it was worth the effort at all. I mean, a towel?? Can I not purchase one of these items at any one of 27 nearby stores? Ahh the curse of the hand knitter-why buy when you can KNIT it?! It is handmade! A one of a kind, made with love (and some grumpiness and maybe a little name calling, too, but we will just play forgetsies with that, 'k?)! So I plowed on through and now that it is done, I am glad. Mom deserves something special, even if it is a wee smidge late-ish. It will be blocked and photographed tomorrow and I will throw it on up here on the old blogeroosky. I know you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation....try to hang on till then!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny. At least you are not alone in your OCD!

Leslie Shelor said...

Projects like that are....sigh! Glad you finally got it done, and I'm waiting on tenderhooks to see it!