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Friday, August 3, 2007

Drumroll Please!!

Hey, y'all! I made something! Like, from start to finish even!! Can you believe it?! I have been knitting along on my Mystery Stole but I am behind by 2 1/2 clues and kind of wanting a break-hmmm, I think that could be the summation of my life these days-but that's not the point here... I'm also sort of stalled out on my Mitered blanket because I really just got kinda bored with it for now. I'm definitely a product knitter and to be knitting knitting knitting on several projects and have nothing to show for it so to speak has been really just annoying to me. I just do not feel as if I am getting anywhere with anything and I know, when one does not spend any time actually knitting, it is often hard to get things done (funny that correlation there...) but still, I feel like it has been an eternity since I have finished anything. I have turned the heel on the second Jitterbug sock, but that was just a "background" project anyway so I decided today was going to make something and finish it, no matter what. And you know what that means-gigantor needles, big yarn and a holey ("lacey" makes it sound much nicer-I'll go with that from now on) item. I grabbed my size 50 (yup, you read it right, I've got 'em and I use 'em, too-wanna make something of it??) needles and some pretty yarn that had sat in the stash awaiting some one skein wonder magic. Add a road trip to Pittsburgh for 5 hours and a desire for something to wear on my shoulders with a backless top and voila! A lacey red shrug to wear to a cocktail party I get to attend with the Husband this week up here in the 'Burgh, which is incidentally also my hometown. The Husband got to come here for work and it is a great treat because we get to do tons of local stuff and also have Grandma here to keep the Things while we get to go to some neat parties and events ALONE-woot! I did my little shruggy poo out of Knit One Crochet Too Tartelette and Truffles held together-one skein each-and it is basically a big old floppy rectangle, knit till I ran out of yarn, and then folded in half with about 5 inches sewn together to make "sleeves". I will post pictures of it tomorrow when I have daylight for photographing but I just was so stinking excited to get something started and finished all in one day. I was inspired by Gina's successfully quick-knit little sweater but didn't have time to get ahold of that pattern and plus it was warmer than I needed so I decided to grab some yarn and sort of make one up as I went along. It's a bit floppy and is very simple, but it served it's purpose to renew my love of creating someTHING and not just slogging along in the "process". Yay me!


Leslie Shelor said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to a picture of the shrug!

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jody said...

i have no idea what that was about!!!