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Friday, August 17, 2007


Alert the media--I finally have some knitting to report! Here is a picture of the beginning of my birthday gift for Mom:And I have fallen prey to the seductive quickknittyness of the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre Knits and I am thinking of making it with this lovely yarn: Finally that brings me to Mystery Stole 3. I was previously at a standstill with my MS3 Stole because of several reasons. One, I just kind of got bored with it and knitting in general (gasp! can it happen?! yes it can, especially in HOT summer. Wool=ick to me) and needed a break. Two, I lost my little beading tool (also know as a weirdly bent piece of fishing line) for the 50 thousandth time and decided perhaps it would be easier to actually get the right tool for the job (what a concept!) and had to order and wait for my microscopic crochet hook to arrive. Here it is, a size 14, 0 .75 mm hook pictured with a size 4 knitting needle (and my old-lady looking wrinkly fingers) for scale. It makes the size 4 look gigantor. The last reason I put MS3 aside is that in the course of the clues it was revealed that the theme for this year's stole is "Swan Lake" and that one end of the thus far gorgeous stole was to be....a wing. Hmmm. It turns out the opposite end from the pointed end is a curvy, semicircle shaped, feathered "wing" of some sort and while I think her designs are beautiful and had really been enjoying the whole mystery aspect, that might just be too mysterious for me. I am not sure a wing is really what I want and so I have decided to wait for some finished stoles to be pictured before I knit further into swan territory. I am having a hard time getting excited about all that lace knitting only to have it be something I am not really thrilled to wear or look at. I guess I like symmetry more that I realized. So here is where I have reached before I decided to play it safe and let the bolder knitters out there "wing it" before I make my decision.
And last but not least, I am just about to finish my jitterbug sock but alas, no pictures so you will have to check back later. In the mean time, I will be hastily preparing for the first day of school which is in 5 days!! Agh! Now I have TWO in school, one in second grade and one in Kindergarten so it will be just me and Thing 3 at home this year. Maybe I will have more time to knit?! I already have plenty on the menu, though, to keep me busy so it should be an exciting year! Have a great weekend!


Bel said...

School starting!! Mommies unite! Cast down those nail-bitten fingers while children run bored and amuck out of their minds throughout the house! Wednesday Tardy bell at 8:55am and mommies prop those tootsies in a funky pair of shoes, chug that Starbucks like an empowered woman with a mission, and rise up with those addi turbos!! So much knitting...and finally some time!!!

Actually, I'll miss the little buggers. Bring that baby of yours by for me so I can relive the long-gone baby years....sigh!

jody said...

I might ACTUALLY be able to come to see y'all at the shop w/o the WHOLE GANG soon! Not that I don't love them and I WILL miss them, but the restoration of some order and the quiet that will ensue are making me a little giddy.

Blissful Debbie said...

Yes, please come to the shop with Thing 3. We can prop her up on the couch surrounded by scrumptious skeins of yarn or blankets and she can watch how the big girls do it.

Leslie Shelor said...

It's hard to believe that school is starting already. It's SO hot! Beautiful projects, anyway, even if you weren't happy with the mysteries!