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Friday, November 13, 2009

Watch Out! and Some Things Worth Reading

Thing 4 has taken her first steps just one week before her first birthday-look out! There is a WILD THANG on the loose!!!

Go here to read a very good Veteran's Day post from one of my favorite blogs.

Go here to read a post from a Compassion blogger traveling in El Salvador and visiting with his sponsored child-kinda just sums up the work of Compassion with real live faces and conversations-I just LOVE that organization so very much!! They truly are the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of children all over the world! This year marked their 1 MILLIONTH sponsored child-yeah, ONE MILLION! Can you believe it? And they started with one, so yes, you CAN make a difference one child at a time, too!! No, they are not asking me to say this but YES, you should click on the side of my blog and GO sponsor a child yourself if you don't already!! Meeting one of our little sponsored guys when we went to Ethiopia was one of the highlights of my life, truly!!

Sultan, one of our sponsored children, mastering our video camera in Ethiopia

Chatting with our newly Hokied-up Sultan :) I love that there is a little boy in rural Southern Ethiopia running around sporting Hokie colors!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

We tooo- love compassion!!!! It is great to not only feed, clothe, and send to school a child that has no hope, but to also give them the word of Christ as well! It is a Blessing to sponsor and pray for a child.

Michelle Riggs said...

Great story. It is a great organization.

Thank you so much for encouraging me, praying for Abby and for asking others to. The prayers mean the world to us.

Dawn said...

great post my friend :)

Dawn said...

haha - oh that's right - i forgot about that. oh man... i was almost in jail. yowzers.