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Saturday, May 9, 2009


They will not let us out of this blasted hospital!!!! Almost all of her tests so far (the ones that have come back) have been negative for pretty much anything and they CLAIMED they were going to release us today to let us come back for a blood test on Monday. So I got things packed up, took a little shower finally since I was going to go home with my hubby and kiddos and had a little extra spring in my step. Then, my dear little Ethiopian angel decided not to eat much at all and have a bunch of um, icky, diapers that made everyone freak out and decide they are going to make us stay here ANOTHER NIGHT. They are killing me, seriously. Especially since after they made that pronouncement, she began eating like a pig. The other girls and Pat have spent the day visiting up here, but there is really little to do in a tiny room where you cannot really go in and out freely. So, hopefully we can get out of Alcatraz, I mean, this lovely place of healing VERY SOON because I really want to spend Mother's Day actually with my family, my WHOLE family. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate than to be with all of them, together, at HOME. Come on doctors, let us outta here!!


tracy said...

the whole hospital is just a cover to get your new Taco Bell kitchen in place, complete with that leaky glass atrium thingie... and a roller rink on the side!

Renee said...

Jody praying for you and Zoe..hope they let you out in time for mothers day. We had our first ambulence ride and er visit friday afternoon with Noah. He decided to wake up from his nap vomiting violently and then go limp in my arms..All is well now thankfully.

tuesdaymom said...

Oh gosh, Jody. I'm so sorry to hear all that. We will continue to pray for ALL of you -- especially that you get to be home tomorrow!

So they have NO idea what's going on??

So weird! And frustrating!

If it makes you feel any better, today's word is "ankies".

Dawn said...

i thought for sure the flowers from jax would have made it all better. seriously though - if they don't let you out tomorrow morning - i'm going to come over there and break you out. no joke.

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