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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

(we are not cheeseballs who dress alike, it was the superbowl)

Today (the 22nd) is the hubster's birthday. He is 34 and as cute as ever. (Even though he is snoring beside me on the couch. Yup, keepin' the love alive, we are. Hi, and welcome to REAL married life!!) We will be celebrating his birthday by going out to dinner to wherever he wants to go with NO whining from the passel of cute little girls that call him Daddy. I am not going to make list of 34 things about him that I love, even though I love that many things about him and more, because my brain is sort of on vacation right now. I will just tell you that he is the best friend I have ever had, he is the absolute best daddy to my girls, he is a hard worker with a great attitude, He loves Jesus and he has a gentle and quiet spirit that makes him such a good compliment to my semi-spaztic, talkative, emotionally intense self. It is almost as if God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He brought us together ;). I am honored to be your wife and you challenge me to be better just by being you, oh, and it has been pretty darn fun, too---I'm so glad you were born, sweetie!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Pat!! :)

Cute picture of you guys too!

Jana said...

Ummm, it doesn't matter that it was the Super Bowl, you are definitely STILL matching:)

tuesdaymom said...

Can't wait to meet your other Ethiopia, of course!

Kristi J said...

Your hubby and I are the same age...I turned 34 in September!! Love your cute and yes, I wasted lots of money on hairspray back in the day, ha. kj