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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Smiles That Make Me Smile

These were all taken last weekend when we put up our tree-everyone was in a happy mood after Thanksgiving and with Christmas music blaring in the background. I just thought I'd share with y'all what makes my days worthwhile. (And the 2 in the silly dresses were playing dress up-while I live in the south, we do not dress like characters from "Gone With the Wind" for everyday wear.)

I am about halfway or more done with my Christmas gifts-I am ordering a good many of them online and the rest I am knitting. I like to give my kiddos' main teachers something hand-knit and beautiful because they are beautiful ladies who pour so much into my kids. I also like to knit for other special people too. I have finished one thing but I have a lot left to knit though so I better get to it!! (Funny how my "To Knit" list always gets shorter the closer I get to Christmas and my "To Buy" gets longer...) What about you-what are your favorite things to give as gifts to the people on your list?


Eric and Michelle said...

Love the family decorating pics. I posted ours this morning too.

Dawn said...

I always wanted to know how to knit! Teach me! Oh yeah - you live in VA and I live in WI - that would be kinda hard.

Cutie patootie pics!!!

Kristi J said...

ok, so if we travel have to knit us all matchin outfits for our babies :) too cute..I have no talents like teachers get starbuck gift cards, cute pics, kristi