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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cramped Fingers and Crossed eyes

Every year it happens. I think I plan out my gifts that I am making with plenty of time to get them done. I feel as though I've got it all under control and this will not be a year of sleeping 4 hours a night and racing to get stuff finished Christmas Eve. I pat myself on the back about the 1st week of December for my excellent planning and ability to get things done early, even! And then it happens. All hell breaks loose, things don't work the way they're supposed to, something falls off of somewhere, something gets tangled up by "someone" (oddly the same mystery person is responsible every year...), some stupid pet of ours eats/knocks over/sits on/eats whatever project I am trying to finish and I am forced to choose between animal cruelty and running to Wal Mart at the last minute to buy something, which is, in fact, people cruelty. So here I am, feverishly finishing up some knitting and developing carpal tunnel syndrome and cataracts. But here is my progress so far: a scarf is done, a pair of knitted wire earrings just got finished but not without some major finger cramping and maybe a wee few cuss words jumping out, and a mitten mostly done without a thumb and the other mitten started. I still have a big bag to knit and at least 2 hats (one of which is 2/3 done) and maybe a snowflake ornament to knit. Stop that laughing, I have time....if Christmas happens to get postponed a weekish maybe. I will post pictures of my finished stuff tomorrow but I cannot today b/c we got some new fancy pants camera (for when we go to Ethiopia-woop!) that I have no clue how to use. I do not like having a camera smarter than me-it probably would have finished it's Christmas knitting in October...

Since I have none of my crafty projects available to share right now, I will show you my AWESOME surprise I got in the mail the other day from my friend Dawn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and take it everywhere with my knitting in it:

And here is what the inside looked like within 24 hours of getting it:

Good to know that if I am ever being trapped somewhere, I will always have snacks.

Finally, this weekend was my kiddos' school Christmas program Friday night and ballet recital Saturday afternoon so I will leave you with some pictures of my beauties, although one is a grumpy ballerina who didn't want her picture taken, even though she looked super cute.

Have a great day-and pray for some referrals, I am tired of carrying my phone into the bathroom, out to get the mail, to the attic to get wrapping paper, etc!!


tuesdaymom said...

Ooo! I love the bag! Very cute. I'll have to bug Dawn about where she found it!

And the girlies are cute too! I had a grumpy pre-preformance boy. He gets so serious about these things, so single-focused, that mom invading with a camera is just not that welcome!

Can't wait to see pictures of your creations!


PS I loved your comment about the "bacon" -- totally cracked me up! Those codes are so annoying!

Eric and Michelle said...

You crack me up Jody. The bag is adorable.

Dawn said...

The girls look so cute!! Have fun cleaning all that glitter up from around your house... and that annoying piece that always seems to stick on your face and no matter how much you wash your face - it's still there. :)
Post pics of all your nifty stuff - I wanna see!! And so very happy that the bag is used to transport the oh so important cheerios!

stacelito said...

HEY! Maybe you can push your Christmas to the time of Ethiopian Christmas 1/7. Sure, just tell 'em that was your plan ALL ALONG! hee hee

Charisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! I haven't had cheerios in a bag for quite a while...I did find choc chips in my purse last week...bad thing is I contemplated eating them!

love the pics of the kids too

Renee said...

very nice bag ..must find out where dawn got it...I might need one of those to put something in haha