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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whittled Down to 7

I was tagged by Jana and Dawn both so here goes!

1. I LOVE to sing. A lot. And I suppose I have a decent voice-I recorded a CD for the husband for his b-day one year. But the weird part is, I am PETRIFIED to sing in front of other people by myself. When recording said CD, I asked the studio guy to put me in a room off to the side where he couldn't see me when I sang and when I gave it to my husband, I sat in the other room so he couldn't look at me while he listened to it. And to make it weirder, I sing on the worship team at my church-I love it so much and am getting better at overcoming my fear since I think the Lord gave me the gift of song to be used to glorify Him, but still freak out a little if people can actually hear me a lot. I have issues with people pleasing and I think that I am afraid that people will be less than pleased with me if I don't sound perfect. No, it does not make sense. Yes, it is stupid.

2. I love soda. Have since converted to diet which is good-well, Coke Zero mostly. It is less for the caffeine and more for that sweet sweet burn of the fizz when you take that first sip-ahhhhhhh. A day without it is NOT a good one for me.

3. I have a wee bit of a grammar obsession and cannot STAND it when people end a sentence with a preposition. ( I think this shirt is the greatest and would totally wear it if it was made in a less dorky style) It takes every bit of self-control I have to not correct them. The husband finds this both funny and annoying, depending on whom I am correcting :).

4. Wet things give me the heebie-jeebies big time. Not like a swimming pool or shower or anything that is SUPPOSED to be wet, but when wet bits of water are clinging to things and then I touch them, like the bathroom sink after someone else has used it or sweaty cup in the summer or whatever, GROSS. And if there is any hair that is in the wetness??? OH. MY. GOSH.

5. I like to knit a lot. I used to do it a lot more and it was a bit of an obsession for awhile and I have enough yarn in my house to knit for a few years but I will still buy more if I see some that I like. I did reduce a large percentage of my "stash" by sending a gigantic box of it to an orphanage in Ethiopia where the girls were learning to knit as a profitable life skill so I felt happy about mixing my 2 passions. Now I spend the majority of my "knitting time" obsessively reading blogs and adoption listserves :)

6. I really like cheese. As in, a LOT. So much in fact that my nephew gave me a bar of cheese one year for a birthday gift, my nieces all drew pictures of me as a mouse living in a cheese house, and they asked my sister (their mom) if she thought I might have my headstone made out of cheese when I die. Nice.

7. I have developed a loathing for jeans because they "squeeze me" in a way that I am not happy with. I like the APPEARANCE of jeans mind you, just not the effect of them on my body. And this is not just a weight issue, although the squeeze has, ahem, increased a bit in recent years. But even when I was skinny, I did not like the way they felt all heavy and confining on me and the button jabbed me in the tummy and now that I am out of college and not trying to keep up the appearance of coolness at every moment (or really any moments it seems, much to the growing embarrassment of my oldest daughter), I spend much more time in non-jeans and it makes me happy. I am also going to confess that they most often have elastic waistbands (see above issue with the button factor) but they are nice, yoga-type pants, not old lady wear. Life is too short to spend it in uncomfortable pants!!!!!!

There you have it! A bit of my weird, randomness for you to enjoy. I am too tired right now to think of anyone to tag who has not already been tagged so if I think of someone good, I will change it later :) and like Renee said, if you are reading this and have not been tagged, consider this a tag and and air that randomness!!


Dawn said...

Ok... #4 - that is hilarious! hahaha

be_a_Mary said...

hey!! i love cheese and hate dangling prepositions too!! a little bit of a grammar fiend as well!! its hard with blogging not to irritate myself in trying to make each entry and/or comment grammatically gorgeous . . .

i enjoyed learning more about you!!

tuesdaymom said...

I am SO with you on #4. I can't even think about it...LOL!

Kristi J said...

I grew up in a "grammar" family...they constantly tried to catch each other making mistakes...yes, the back is a pain, literally (: It should be better in a couple of days. I still need to do my tag thing, kristi

Melissa said...

Regarding #3

One of my favorite quotes is "From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put." ~Winston Churchill

nell ann said...

Hi, nice to meet you, too! We both have your number one in common...except that I would never sing for even my husband. In fact, when we sit together at church I have to look in the other direction and sing quietly for fear that he will hear me. I was all state in college for crying out loud. But, alas, I just can't do it!