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Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm All Out of Love

Does anyone else HATE this yarn???? I am knitting a sweater I was commissioned to knit and the "commissioner" gave me this yarn with which to construct the sweater. I DO NOT LIKE THIS YARN ONE BIT. It is scratchy and rough and weird and splitty and have I mentioned I do not like it??? I was really surprised because it seems like it is a favorite of so many and comes in a brilliant array of colors. But for me? Not so much with the love. Oh well, at least it is a toddler sweater so it will not have to be used for long.

In other yarnyish news, if anyone has any yarn or knitting supplies they no longer need and want to send to some needy folks, go here and check it out! These awesome folks take stuff to orphans in Ethiopia each year and this year one of the things they are taking is yarn for knitting and crocheting. She told me the kids will knit with anything and that they wear hats when it is 78 degrees out! I think they have a different perspective on cold than myself :). But they do not need full or brand new skeins and it thrills me to no end to think that my random leftover oddballs could bring joy to a sweet child halfway across the world!! I know we all have 8 million balls of half-used stuff lying around doing nothing-let's get it to some kids who have no internet, no Ravelry, no Mosaic-and honestly, very little of anything else, including basic food and clean water.

Off to go mutter unkind things to my scratchy yarn.....


Gina said...

I have always hated Cascade 220. I am perplexed as to how people like it! Mason Dixon say it's the perfect yarn for their perfect sweater. Crap Yarn.

Bel said...

Hi, Jody!!! Long time no see (no see me, that is!)

It is so nice to venture into the land of little girls...(and yarn, of course), and it's great to hear what you've been up to these days.

I'm back for computer and I just needed to kiss and make up.

Miranda said...

Awh. I've found cascade to be really nice and not scratchy at all. I'm using it to make the Mason Dixon log cabin, and the more it's out, the softer it gets.

And I'm using six different heathered colors. It's fab. And the price isn't bad either.