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Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's Party Time!

Thing 1 is 8 years old tomorrow! We had her party today and it was so much fun! This is the first year we went with the all-girl party and we had a manicure party. It was a blast-we had fish, bears, bunnies, bees, puppy prints, and butterflies from a nail art book, jewels, glitter, nail stickers-the works!!
Thing 1's French manicure
Thing 2's puppy paw prints

The girls were all so sweet and a few of my best friends came over as "stylists" and we just had a great time. It was honestly the best time I've had at a kid's birthday party-lots of fun, lots of giggling, lots of talking+very little mess or effort=great party! I cannot believe how fast we have gone from tiny fists wadding up cake blobs to beautiful, sparkly french manicures, but I have loved all of it. I am blessed to have had 8 wonderful years with my sweet girl!! Happy Birthday, honey!

(Now, if I could just get her to take an interest in knitting with those fancy fingers...)

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hey pat said...

nice pictures =) yay for girls and nails and giggling and yay that was fun! can't believe thing one is that old, but it's so great to get to watch her grow...i was very honored to get the personal phone call invitation =)