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Monday, September 13, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Well, yesterday (Sunday) morning dawned rainy and grey and cold for the triathlon. Yuck. What a way to wake up-at an ungodly hour, too, by the way. The things we do for love ;) Pat left the hotel before 6 to go get set up with a good friend who came to help him in all things triathlon-related (not an area where God has gifted me to be a helpmate since well, I am allergic to running and all...) We left the hotel about 45 minutes later, after everyone cheerfully waking up, hopping out of bed and getting dressed, filled with excitement for the day in the rain. (If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale I'd love to chat with you about...) We grumpily, um, stoically, er, HAPPILY went out to the car to drive to the race site and cheer on our triathlete. We quickly realized that with the rain and traffic, we were not going to make it to see the start of the swim part so we parked and the big Things got umbrellas, the little Things got loaded in the stroller and I found a tarp in the back of the van (it is amazing what is in the back of that thing sometimes....) and all classy-like draped the double stroller in it and we were off. Holy mackerel, some crazies were already on their bikes! What the what?!? The swim had only started 10 minutes ago-these are a whole other breed of people, y'all.... We waited on the side of the rail till our guy came flying by on his bike and we cheered him on. From that point, we stopped at various points to catch glimpses of him and give a big "WOO!HOO!" whenever he went by.

For the running part, Pat donned his Project 61 tee in honor of all the folks in Korah he is raising money for and he finished the race and did very well.
He had hoped to do it in 2 hours or less and he did it in about 1.5 hours-way to go, honey!! It really was a great day and here is a super cool thing-so far about $4600 has come in!!! That is SOOOOO close to the crazy $5000 goal God whispered to me in the beginning. We will keep the website up for about another week if any of you still want to give and hadn't gotten to it yet :) THANK YOU to all of you have given to this fundraiser for Korah-we have just LOVED seeing the support of people all over the place, especially the CHILDREN!! What a blessing to get donations from kiddos who want to help their peers across the world-God is SO. GOOD.


Kelly said...

Way to go, Pat! Seeing your grand total was very exciting! Tim said, "not too bad for a rookie!"

My word verification is sledgeek??!

Erin said...

Aw honey, you put those babies under a tarp? What the what? That's just a hoot! Around these parts folks are a little more accustomed to the rain I guess :)